Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan films fail at their office. box is a cause of concern and do not indicate – here's why Zero Thugs of Hindostan

A movie worry that sufferers at BO is a matter of concern - this is the reason

The worry of a movie that suffereth at B is a cause of concern – this is why reason & nbsp

Last year when Tubelight by Salman Khan and his play Jab Harry Met Sejal hit When Shah Rukh Khan failed at the office of his box, many started off; question the stardom of the two largest trees in the country. And what is the age of the star star over in the Hindi film industry? Starting to make the trips. However, later that year, Salman Khan gave the most of his game and one of the highest films of Tiger Zinda HaiSouth Westerly

Earlier this year, Salman Khan returned to him Race 3 which became the most popular film of the year. Although not floppy; but he did not make the sort of money that a funeral man would expect Salman Khan. Two months later, Aamir Khan has ever returned to the big screen by the hugely important Hindi film, Thugs of Hindostan and was a big flop; there. And last week, Shah Rukh Khan came with one of his most prominent films, ZeroThe Post Although the polarizing revisions, the office had a better movie than the box over the weekend. Also read: EXCLUSIVE Shah Rukh Khan talks about the girl Suhana, his film Zero, star Katrina Kaif, and much more

But, just after he was released, I started a number of thweets, articles, etc., which hit the three Khan's "superstars" and how their stardom has passed. I all want to give a person a helpful criticism but this was a sort of sense of kind. Today it has been a move to pull someone who has a pedestal. We live in a time where someone else's failure is marked.

However, what many do not understand is that the three Khans that are not a The office of a box that has been a factor of attestation is a cause of concern. The reason why Bollywood has a distinctive identity in the world because of these highlights. Look back from the picture and it will not be long before Hollywood takes over. In India, a movie watch in the theater is not a kind of event. And despite what they could do to # 39; Feeling, the three Khans get the highest number of legs in the theater regularly.

There are realities such as Ayushmann Khurrana, Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and Rajkummar Rao have promised and their films have made huge money at their office but they are still far away from doing so; get a tag of "Superstar". Sure Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh gave £ 300 tree films this year but they have more to do with the filmmaker and the subject of the film they were part of.

Try to take Hollywood example, Tom Cruise's last star. There was a while that the small films, closely used as a large business agency at the box office. However, it's not long until the # 39; He got a big hit on the west, and now we see superhero movies and other big budget projects. The small films either get some freedom and are not only made for prizes or they do not. make less of these. Can film like Jerry Maguire What kind of money has he done now as he did in the day? Probably. But, on a regular basis? No.

After that, it is undoubtedly the need to choose large scripts to capture the stardom. But they are waiting to pull them down for their only wrong move, but a bit sick, ill and bad. If there are not big stories, we're just another movie business.

Rubha, these three are the only ones that get a bigger number at their station office. For example, Thugs of Hindostan It's a way but it's still doing more money than much. happening and affecting its & # 39; this year. Race 3 better, but this is still the fourth highest high quality film of the year. Dilwale to be a disappointment but the money made abroad is still more than a lot of other campaigners.

This is hoped that high-age age will not be out of fashion.

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