Russian Cosmonaut says that the well in the ISS was damaged from inside

Back in August, the International Spanish Station (ISS) team was surprised as a result of a loss due to a slight loss of air pressure on the station's board.

After exploring, they learned that it was a small hole; in that reason in the Russian Soyuz spacecraft that had been linked to the ISS. Although the hole was tightly pulled, the cause of the case has been a mystery from that.

In order to determine the possible reason, and to investigate the hole outside the spacecraft, the Expedition 57 "space space" team never preceded December 11th.

After collecting samples from outside the craft, airline engineers Oleg Kononenko and Sergey Prokopyev decided that the hole in her back was thrown inside her; chase, find who raises even more questions.

During space space, Kononenko and Prokopyev put the thermal waste and meteorite shield back to the # 39; spacecraft to investigate the closer hole. They also gave digital images of the hole and received samples returned to Earth with the capsule (on 11 December) for further analysis.

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Initially referring to micrometeorite, the hole was quickly detected as a result of drilling. The hole was not at risk to the station or its team, because it was very small and gave a little weight on air pressure. Despite this, after the ruling of confidence and crew identified the origin, they did not spend any time; pushing the hole with epoxy and blue.

The results of a crew survey were divided into a short news conference after Prokopyev and Serena Aunon-Chancellor (NASA) and Alexander Gerst (European Spatial Organization) wrestlers returned to Earth. The hole was not at all threatened & # 39; as they returned because the section it appeared was launched before returning to the Earth's atmosphere.

As Prokopyev said, the wheel started from inside the chappa (which meant that it was injured from inside) and that Russian law enforcement agencies analyze what which caused it. Prokopyev also passed that the hole was unfolded, which had emerged as a result of his recital in September.

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At that time, Rogozin had said they were not willing to kill him that the hole was individually dried, either when it was done or when it was in an orbit. This believed that the drill hole had been part of a sabotage request. The facts were repeatedly recounted by statements by an old actress and Russian politician Maxim Suraev.

On September 4, when there was a debate about silence in the United States, Suraev spoke incredibly about the potential for mental inequality . "We all live there, everyone may want to go home, but this way is totally inappropriate," he said. "If the cosmonaut he has made, and that this can not be ruled, it's really bad."

On 6 September, it was again to analyze its & # 39; ability to add to:

"But if it happens in the place, and it will be set up with its commission, I can again confirm that it can only be a fool, flying into space, an unstable mental person, a hole thrown out, because there is a refresher, because you're not just worrying yourself, but life of five more than for yourself. You're bad, who's a? means that you get it. But I do not want to blame someone. "

Rogozin has since complied with these statements and said that news media had been adding up his words. At that time, it was clear that research would prove the true reason, even though sabotage was a remote opportunity. At a news conference, Prokopyev stated that the hole was on his back with a nose with a nose. "You should not think so badly about our team," he said.

These most recent statements have not done much to prevent the possibility of considering what the drill hole caused. However, both NASA and Russian authorities know that the purpose of the hole does not know and it will be examined in full. As Prokopyev gave a summary through the conference, "it is the responsibility of the research bodies to be judged when the hole was made."

He was also convinced that he saw that this event demonstrated the level of preparation of the ISS team. As the early birds show and fasten them, they revealed that "the team was ready for any improvements," he said. At the same time, jobs on ISS continue to continue, with Expedition 58 a & # 39; start on 20th December.

The team is led by Oleg Kononenko (who helped to hunt the hole and participate in the space field) and include NASA scientists, Anne McClain and David Saint-Jacques as engineers.

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