Rehabilitation of measles & # 39; due to immunization vaccine, WHO warns him

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The rehabilitation of the measles has been around the world, with many countries and Receive "bad and long" "last" lasts, a statement is given warning.

World Health Organization data shows an increase in cases in almost all parts of the world, with an additional 30% of issues in 2017 2016.

Experts say they are unhappy, health systems are falling and there are growth stories about their & # 39; vaccine behind the elevation.

They say that vaccines can save millions of life.

Destructive disease & # 39;

Fruit is a very interesting disease; Problems such as blindness, infection and disease and the inflammation of the brain may occur in real situations.

The report, compiled by the World Health Organization and the Centers for the Control and Disease of Disease, measles over the last 17 years.

Experts say that this is the first year that there has been a steady increase in issues, with 110,000 deaths associated with the & # 39; measles.

And they are worried that the trends for 2018 are like after Europe's augmented cases in the summer.

The Americas, Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean Department are the biggest increase in cases. The West of Wales region is the only area to see a decline.

A large number of diseases were seen in Venezuela, as health systems fell after political and economic emergencies. The previous country had eradicated the disease.

& # 39; A & # 39; opposition to conflict & # 39;

And now there are concerns, as more people move between the countries of the region, that the disease may be spread.

At the same time, the Ukraine, Italy, France, Germany and Austria saw that. Greece has risen in cases in recent years.

In the UK, which was released free from WHO's illness last year, there is also a small breach in 2018.

This is the tallest doctor in England to ask parents to vaccinate her & her; children and spend legends against their vaccine.

Dr Martin Friede, from the WHO, told the BBC that he was worried that parents did not; their children's vaccination in a number of European countries.

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He said: "We are in Europe, more than other sectors, that we see independence of a vaccine can become more difficult than elsewhere.

"In some groups, this is led by faith beliefs but in very few numbers it is spread with bad concerns about vaccine safety."

Dr Friede commented that social media was participating here and that new ways of finding uncertainties were needed.

He said: "Industrial countries should not be unhappy and forget that the disease can come back as a storm.

"It does not bring many children intact to achieve that and when it happens, not just a bit in a measles – It can cause blind and brain problems. "

The report reports that, since 2000, the two drops of measles vaccine given to young children have saved more than 21 million lives.

But Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, from the WHO, said: "No emergency attempts to increase vaccine coverage and identify numbers with unacceptable levels of sub-or uninhabited children, we & # 39; threatens the loss of decades of progress in protecting children and communities against the catastrophic disease. "

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