Producing US stock, and # 39; reduce the maximum month of running bulls

SA stocks were higher in late afternoon trade on the last day of what's going on. shape up to be the worst year since the financial crisis. The money was demolished and oil went after.

The S & P 500 opened up on hopes that President Tr Trump will move to trade contract with China, but the progress has been made to trade 28 per cent below average. US markets have normal hours. It is referred to its & # 39; stockmark in the worst December since the Big Morning, the worst month since February 2009 and the worst year since 2008.

Stocks all over the world come to an end of a poor year to be seen. Market marketing in Japan from Japan to Germany. The main stock in Europe was a fall for 13 per cent; fall in the year – the largest since 2008.

There were barrels that drove US $ 46 barrels. It still continues on its & # 39; The first annual fall of 2015. The dollar continued lower when the government's closure went on. The euro was sustained against its presence; after the Argentine populist government finally defeated the final parliamentary agreement for the 2019 budget.

World stocks are set for the worst year since the financial crisis is long while oil has been removed from its & # 39; banned from 2014. There is a major threat to an event in the next 12 months, from the UK's EU leavers to the US trade of China speeches and the ongoing presentation between President Trump and Transport over the " budget. American political landscapes also challenge investors after leaving senior officers and Trump has a " criticizes the Chairman of the Jerome Powell Force Reserve.

Here's how major markets were made this year:

The S & P 500 dropped 7.7 per cent The lost Dow industry 6.6 per cent The Nasdaq company fell 6 per cent Russell fell 14 per cent The Euro Stoxx 600 dropped down 13 per cent Thumb Index MSCI Asia Pacific Pacific 15 per cent Index Markets New MSCI 16% drop 16 percent Lost ten year tests 7.3 per cent German election bundles 43 per cent Spot Door Exploration Bloomberg advanced 3.7 percent Japanese laptop & 39; dropping 2.6 per cent The Euro decreased by 4.7 per cent West Texas Falls dropped 25 percent to US $ 45 in a barrel Gold fell 4.6 per cent

Elsewhere, market shares that emerged and their funds were even consistent even though China's factory data had been contracted.

Here are some events that investors can focus on the coming days:

U.S. post report December coming on Friday, January 4. Ferdinand, Powell, was interviewed by Janet Yellen and former Ben Bernanke at an annual meeting of the American Economic Society of Friday. Atlanta Fiesta President Raphael Bostic joins a panel on long-term macroeconomic performance.

And these are the main trends in markets:


Extends S & P 500 0.5 per cent as of 12:32 p.m. Time of New York. 0.5% of The Composda Nasdaq, was released for his first four-day rally from August. The Stoxx Index of Europe raises 0.4 per cent for the highest in more than a week. The MSCI All-Country Country Schedule 0.2 per cent was awarded to the highest level in more than a week. New Market MSCI Newspaper Cluster 0.4 per cent for the highest in more than a week.


Bloomberg Spot Doran Diskuter fell 0.1 per cent to the lowest in almost 10 weeks. Reduce the euro less than 0.05 percent to $ 1.1442. The Japanese yen raised 0.3 per cent to 109.93 per dollar, the strongest in about six months. The British rose to 0.6 per cent to US $ 1,2774, the strongest in three weeks the largest increase in almost three weeks. Currency Markets Rising MSCI Tonight less than 0.05 per cent to reach the highest level in almost four weeks.


The result of 10-year Treasuries is to form one base; 2.73 per cent. One of the fundamental points of the British 10th anniversary of Britain received 1.277 per cent.


The Sweet Bloomberg Index decreased 0.7 per cent. Texas's midfielder dropped 0.2 percent to US $ 45.23 barrel. Gold rises 0.2 per cent to US $ 1,282.90 an ounce, the highest in almost seven months.

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