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A recent international privacy study found that 42.55% of the free apps in Google Google could share data with Facebook, and many applications will be great; Share data with Facebook the second one they opened.

According to the survey, 61% of apps created by their agency automatically authenticated to Facebook then opened the application user, whether there is a Facebook account or not that person or if they have entered into that account on the device.

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Some of these apps will provide detailed information to the social network; may be aware. For example, Kayak will provide Facebook information about people's traveling trips, including the town, date, and the airport that is going on; leaving, apart from where they are planning, how long & # 39; and would like to stay, and what number of people they travel. It also divides information about the type of ticket that someone is having; search.

Other applications that explored Facebook's data analysis expanded including MyFitnessPal, Duolingo, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor, Spotify, Yelp, Shazam, and Indeed.

Facebook says that new correction has been created through a new version of the development tool, but those apps are still being implemented, or whether they are not being implemented correctly, Engadget reports.

This does not appear to have an impact on iOS versions of the apps.

You can view the full report here for free. It has also created detailed reports for all applications that will add data to Facebook just when the app is opened.

If you use any of these, it is worth knowing what information you are sharing when you do.

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