Peter Chiarelli is made by the Edmonton Oilers

On April 18, 2015, the Edmonton Oilers group won the 2015 draft lottery and, most importantly, the broader draft of Connor McDavid in general.

Six days later Peter Chiarelli was appointed and was appointed President of Hocaidh and General Manager. After taking over the work, part of the team was Leon Draisaitl, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Oscar Klefbom, Darnell Nurs and McDavid (well-established).

Continuing three years and eight months, and # 39; It's probably the best five players in the Oilers. Chiarelli did not get into their place on her. timetable, but it has been restored, and the shooting is not close enough. He did what I was thinking about; possible; Take the most exciting NHL player, but put down the skill around it.

Remove the five players with no idea, and Jujhar Khaira, designed in 2012, and compare the roster and then to today.

1. 2015 onwards: Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Benoit Pouliot, Teddy Purcell, Nail Yakupov, Derek Roy, Matt Hendricks, Boyd Gordon, Rob Klinkhammer, Luke Gadzic, Anton Lander Tyler Pitlick, and Jesse Joensuu.

Defense: Justin Schultz, Mark Fayne, Andrew Ference, Nikita Nikitin, Martin Marincin and Keith Aulie.

Goaltending: Ben Scrivens and Viktor Fasth

** Jeff Petry and David Perron were gathered during the season and were not on the end of the year.

2, Seo roster 2018. Onwards: Milan Lucic, Jesse Puljujarvi, Ailig Chiasson, Tobias Rieder, Kyle Brodziak, Ty Rattie, Zack Kassian, Ryan Spooner and Kailer Yamamoto.

Defense: Adam Larsson, Kris Russell, Andrej Sekera, Matt Benning, Kevin Gravel, Aleig Petrovic, Brandon Manning and Caleb Jones.

Goaltending: Mikko Koskinen and Cam Talbot

3. So what areas has it come on? He put on the skill forward and the worst section Hall and Lucic do the same money. The Hart Award Hall won the last season receiving 93 points and 37 points in the 33 games of this season. Lucic has 42 pounds in his last 120 games, and in the last 81 games he has two goals. And let me know that there was no good Hall in Edmonton. He was ten years old in scourge twice.

4. On December 31, 2015, the Oilers were deeper (I was out of the top three marks, Talla, Eberle and RNH) on 39 goals and 94 points together. There are 40 visitors and 86 points in the current depth of Oilers (except McDavid, Draisaitl and RNH). And indeed in the morning today they only have 33 goals 75 points because Caggiula is not on the team now. Chiarelli is not able to divide her favorite players with any advanced depth in three and a half years.

5. The protection and movement are better, but in 2015 the Olearan gave a chance to 3.37 goals / games and this season they allowed 3.11 visitors / games. The Oilers, including Nurs and Klefbom, have $ 20.5 million, in a gap between Larsson, Sekera, Russell, Manning, Petrovic, Benning and Gravel. It has now made a reserves of a ship of defenses and none of the people who get a depth of it; Offenses in a time when puck shift is the need of the backend.

6. I say under the time the draft is ready for improvement. It's not good, but at least the Oilers are in the American League. However, despite that, his staff had a score and expressed at the 2015 induction process that Griffin Reinhart would help them. They enjoyed it so large that they took it up to the 16th and 33 minutes to give it. Their soldiers believed that it was a bit; better than all available at # 16 that included Matt Barzal (16th), Kyle Connor (17th), Thomas Chabot (18), Evgeny Svechnikov (19th) Joel Ericksson Ek (20th), Colin White (21st), Ilya Samsonov (22nd), Brock Boeser (23rd) and Travis Konecny. Even though they did not accept Barzal, one of Chonnor, Cabot, Geal, Boeser and Konecny ​​would have been a lot more likely for the current roster. There would be hell, even Ericksson Ek, Svechnikov and Samsonov growing. In order to be wrong with Reinhart, it's really great, especially when he was not even a tough defender in the AHL at the time of his trade.

7. Under the Chiarelli Ceilidh, the Olearan can not help themselves to erase the youth. Jesse Puljujarvi is not ready for NHL since he came to Edmonton, but Chiarelli and his management team are trying to "develop" in the NHL. Full-news: the NHL is not a Development League. Allow players to develop more in the youth, in Europe or in the AHL and when they come to the NHL they will show you that they are ready. Puljujarvi is now 20 and the third pro season. He has 16 visits to 120 NHL games and has 15 goals and 37 points in 53 AHL games. It has never been allowed to develop its attack game, that is what you did not have at his & # 39; A full quarter in 2016, and in the short term in the AHL he never did. It's not a knock because of & # 39; He is learning a Northern Constabulary when you're only 18 and 19 very hard, but under the reputation of Chiarelli the Students Believe that it is possible to grow in the NHL. He did not get it, and he's sure he does not have a burn; Develop any assault confidence when it starts one goal every nine games as it is at this time.

8. Now, Chiarelli and his staff believe he says he's 20 years old in the Yamamoto Kailer. It is not ready for the NHL. He thinks the game is good, but is not physically ready. He had four goals and eight points in eleven games of AHL games before being summoned. There is no other NHL team on over 20 years of age on the agenda for 17 visits in 142 NHL games. They are said to be attacking players, and Chiarelli thinks they are created as a fourth line players who help them; grow. Wake up. This is not how successful teams play players. Yamamoto is not better than Ryan Spooner today, and if they did not allow them to be properly developed and done; Keeping her awful confidence, It's never been better. They could be back again Joseph Gambardella 25 years instead of Yamamoto last week, if they needed a corpse on their schedule. It's 200 pounds. It will guide the AHL team in scoring. I have not sold it, it's a long-term NHL player, but today I bet it could be so tangible to Yamamoto in the NHL. And most importantly Yamamoto would play a lot, a & # 39; get a lot of score and get confidence in the people who were in grow younger, and so when the next year's training camp comes around the Edges, youngsters may have been able to give them a partial scam. The Oilers could be back on Gambardella and they are not the Caggiula trade, instead they will Caggiula trade and then remembers Gambardella.

9. The problem is with the Students who are not routinely found that you did not win with every young player. He is a co-competitive person. Yes, there are some skilled young players in the league, but the best ones are & # 39; and two of them have McDavid and Draisaitl. Winning teams are not responsible for bringing all young players in important roles. Washington and Pittsburgh have won the last three Stanley Cups. Did they have any key key partners that had to deal with the entry level? Tampa Bay has a Point Brayden, which is 22, but looks at its location. rest of their crops – all of them are veterans. The best young ones – Anthony Cirelli and Mathieu Joseph – 21, both of them played in AHL for a season and are in the top six roles. Where is Edmonton going to get another major forward for the next season? If they think that they are Puljujarvi and Yamamoto, they are a bigger risk. They thought one of them would be ready this year and not close. And they do nothing to help the attack development. In fact they block him. It's embarrassing how this agency does not & # 39; See this, but other teams are doing.

10. Yesterday Chiarelli gave Caggiula for Brandon Manning. Manning's effects are $ 2.25 millions for the next year while Caggiula has a & # 39; $ 1.5 million. Caggiula is far from a very good player, but now he has seven goals and over the past 5 years he has 20 visits, the fourth largest among the Oilers ahead of McDavid, Draisaitl and RNH. Caggiula is also corporate. He needs to develop in his / her own zone, but can develop good coaches.

Most coaches do not have a & # 39; teaches or terminates criminal legends, and the Students just traded one of the few complementary progresses; Some of the objectives could be achieved. Chiarelli and the Ken Coitch Hitchcock coach still believe that size is a key factor in winning. This is 2019, size only helps if the only skill of its & # 39; player as smaller player. The Caggiula / Manning has just been re-confirmed to me by Chiarelli's driver for this team. Why will Manning, another D seal left, have Klefbom, Nurs, Russell, Sekera, Gravel and Jones? What's in the stream? It's not better than Gravel and Gravel to spend 1/3 a & # 39; price. Gravel has been for 12 GF and 12 GA at 5 × 5 in 296 minutes. Manning has played 358 5 × 5 minutes and has been running for 9 GF-26 EN. E -17 is at 5 × 5, which makes three times more and some are more. think it's an increase in Gravel. Oh my wife.

11. Chiarelli paid for the next year for D-man who has been a well-trained 14-hour team under their offices and Chicago has given 27 goals. Is it a lot better / different from the defenses they have on their current timetables? Manning will make $ 2.25 million this year and next year. Kevin Gravel is doing $ 700,000. Caleb Jones makes $ 720,000. Is Manning better? If you wanted to sell Caggiula, well, but it makes sense not to do it when the return is more expensive D-person, who does not; crime and not a cause of protection. How does this make the Oils better? Not.

12. And remember that the Oilers do not have scoring depths. Since the beginning of the last season, Caggiula has its largest 4th goal, 20, on the Oilers behind RNH, Draisaitl and McDavid. And, he has his sheep a game, but if you are in a game, think it is selling it to pay other LDs that do not commit any crime and have no numbers whatsoever; recommends that it is very helpful, it is quite clear. Le Chiasson out of the line and Caggiula that was hired, the largest Q & O among the Oilers is now three from Kyle Brodziak and Puljujarvi. The Oilears had RD protection earlier in the day at Alex Petrovic, who has a better analysis than Manning, so Manning did not even make me feel less aware. I want to make it clear I have nothing against the player. He did not ask the contrary for Caggiula. And it does not mean that b & # 39; Caggiula is someone who can not move. This is the simplest fact that there is another trade where the GM has entered into talent.

13. Chiarelli performed a good job to complete the Boston Bruins roster between 2006-2014. He helped build them into the Stanley Cup winner, but that was in Boston and today's game is different. His history in Edmonton speaks about himself. The Oilers have played the playoffs once, but it's similar to the longest, because they lost the next two years and are currently sitting in the 11th place in the Conference the West. The crafts that he has made in this year's season have made an adverse effect.

14. Chiarelli's most interesting player is in the NHL. He did not need to add big names to the news he got, he needed to be restored, but he did not come near to, make a better rest of the agenda than those who were formerly, Craig MacTavish, who was built. The sad section for Oilersnation I can not see is & # 39; coming quickly. If McDavid, Draisaitl and RNH do not carry the team back for 40 games, and play at a higher level than they are currently, this team does not playoffs and they do not a & # 39; Getting depth to compete they're doing a & # 39; phrosseason.

This is not the offense of its player. MG's work is to build the roster and his / her; make the competing team. The results prove that Chiarelli failed.

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