Peel Region Officer – son of a former head of police – criminal offenses pay

A Peel area police officer was paid after he was guilty of defending his position in an attack in Pittsburgh who had taken off other computers to be kept under control.

Const. Ryan Andrews – former head of police Marc Andrews – has been for the force for five years and is working out of the 12 Neighborhood Police Unit in Mississauga.

Ryan Andrews (left) and father, Marc Andrews when the youth of Andrews graduated to become a police officer in 2014.
Ryan Andrews (left) and father, Marc Andrews when the youth of Andrews graduated to become a police officer in 2014. (TheMetroland file drawing)

He has to pay for five days after being guilty of guilty of uncomfortable behavior under the Police Services Act in front of the Supt hearing officer. Colleen Fawcett.

The rule was issued on 19 December 19 at the police headquarters in Mississauga.

The hearing heard that Andrews and a group of outdoor friends were in Pittsburgh on the afternoon of December 9, 2017 when he and a night club friend left and were involved in fighting with another, also -life.

"The conversation was up-to-date with Const. Andrews moved (the man) twice, and there was a physical change between the three men," said Fawcett's rule.

The man tried to punch Andrews, but Andrews returned and hit him in the head, dropped to the ground.

"Const. Andrews was then positioned (the man) on the ground and gave a number of other strikes on and off," according to the agreed information.

Police officers of Pittsburgh received immediate response to the attack, trying to divide Andrews from the fight. But when Andrews, his union officer, did not stop it, the rule said.

In addition, Andrews did not stop and the army officer had to use to remove Andrews, at that time "additional officers would need to help control to get to Andrews and arrest him, "wrote Fawcett.

Andrews, who is from Brampton, was arrested and attacked and arrested and transferred to the County Jail.

Ten days later, Andrews retained guilty of antisocial behavior and harassment before Judge Jeffrey A. Manning arrived at the Allegany County Magistrates District Court and received a fine.

Fawcett said that Andrews was worried and apologized to his family, the police force and the police tribunal.

Ryan Andrews has three recommendations on a file and received the Matt Parr Drama Production Award, 2016, according to Pierre Bernard, who represented Andrews at the discipline hearing on behalf of the Regional Peel Police Association.

"In general, the comments (from the directors) describe the history of employment that has been excellent before the behavior," said Bernard. "Const. Andrews is fully responsible for his actions, he has been worried, and he is surprised."

Fawcett said police officers are kept to a higher degree of behavioral behavior and moral character.

"The Vice-West is seeing such bad behavior and will not be accepted," she said. "It is possible for the public to achieve high level of ethical behavior by police officers, and to work responsibly and professionally for the duration of their personal or professional life. those chosen for the protection and service of their people do not expect their public, the confidence is broken and the officer must be accountable. "

Peel Staff Scanner. Valerie Graham said Ryan Andrews has taken responsibility for his actions and has been properly disciplined.

"Peel's Departmental Police sees any crime against a police officer as a harsh case and this case is not different," she said. "We maintain our staff to a higher degree and we expect them to be a fascinating member of the community both on and off."

Ryan Andrews, Peel's Deputy Leader Marc Andrews, who has been the chief leader of the next chief of a police in Peel, is considered to be a member of police staff. During its appointment process, a number of months are expected, Deputy Chief Chris McCord will be the interim police leader once and then; Chief Executive Jennifer Evans resigns in January.

Marc Andrews did not respond to respond to his son's hearing.

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