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Reporter TSN Toronto, Kristen Shilton, reviews daily with news and notes on the Maple Leafs. The team held a 11 a.m. mode. at MasterCard Center

William Nylander is still looking for her & # 39; His first goal of the season, a signaller who needs to take a burden from his shoulders against a slump that has reached 11 games. But before that, Nylander gave something else from the shoulder area – several inches of hair.

The 22-year-old returned to Toronto in early December with bigger glasses than he left with spring in spring, but a visitor encouraged him to get a new look for New Year .

"My mother's marriage is in town and she's cutting my hair, so I was so, & Yeah, we have to do it, & # 39;" Nylander said after Monday's leftover.

Nylander said it was "hopeful" that the artistic change was coming to an end to & # 39; has a positive impact on the game, which the jerserer voluntarily inserts if it is not.

Nylander has been aiming for just two help, back on December 11, in the month after completing his / her. his contract by submitting the Leafs and returned to action.

Nylander threw into an old bag of activities at Monday practices, using stick stuck in some kinds of arms and shooting dresses so that his regular lock could be done; feel lighter and safer compared.

"I want to be better. I do not think I'm happy with it [my game] "I said," I work to make every game better and I feel that I'm going to do it. come [along] good. I feel like that [my conditioning is] get there. I got better the last game. There are a few games where I'm breathing back and things. "

Mike Babcock's chief coach has been trying to avoid the heat on Nylander by saying publicly about his expected time. That does not mean that unhealthy patience is available.

"I do not know how to grow [him] there, "said Babcock about how to handle the thrush." ​​But you are [the media] to speak to today? What do you think to do to someone? What do I think it is to do? happen, when you come back and you're expecting yourself and then not so good, it's likely to stress you. So how do you handle that? Do not enter your own way, so just come and play hard and competitors hard. "

Babcock again on Nylander online with Auston Matthews in the second time lost Toronto on the New York Islanders Saturday, The and his coach kept the young stars again at Monday practices.

Babcock stated that these arrangements could change before the Thursday game against Minnesota Wild.

When it comes to Nylander's success, or missing, so far, Babcock has a recital of what he believes all the time – everything will change for the wrong; Better when he sees Nylander himself as a spokesman again.

"You can get one to enter the net – and you may want to get out of his / her button – but you can find one to go in and it's amazing how The world will come to you and get it, "said Babcock. "That's what we hope."


Frederik Andersen is recorded on the daily injury wound report, but on Monday he took part in a single session with Steve Briere, a visiting coach before the team started.

Andersen spent about 45 minutes with Briere, the first time he has been on the past from his time. Toronto crash in Columbus on December 23. They went through climbing and many ordinary drivers.

With any game on the album until Thursday, Babcock is still aware of the Andersen revival.

"Freddie uses Tomorrow with Stevie [on the team’s day off], and then we'll see how that goes, "he said." I do not know if he's gone together next day or not after me, they tell me. I do not ask about those things. They tell me when they are ready. We will go there. "

After Kasimir Kaskisuo returned to Marlies Toronto after a Saturday game, the Leafs welcomed the York University campaigners Alex Fotino filled him human for the morning. Fotino had previously used Toronto on December 19.

To emphasize whether the Leafs have a & # 39; Recalling Kaskisu again after Marlies' game on Monday, Babcock said that there is no such plan as it is now.

"Freddie is working tomorrow. I'm going to see the next day," he said. "Then if I have any information that I am sharing you."

Although Andersen has been struggling with her problem, Garret Sparks has been in & # 39; Starting to commit duties in the last three games of Leafs. He has a 2-1-0 record in that range and a 6-2-1 record on the season. Sparks showcase the chance to & # 39; getting more time, but it was so happy to see Andersen making progress.

"He does everything he can do with his / her 100 per cent feeling for this part run here," said Sparks. "He is a player. He will do everything he can be ready to help this team. And I think he's doing a good job . "


It was a very memorable year. in 2018 for Sparks.

The 25th anniversary was nominated as the American Hockey League of the Year for its magnificent 31-9-1 season with the Marlies, and two months later he took that team for Cup's first round Calder in licensing history.

That was helping Sparks to & # 39; earned the prestigious Leafs work out of his training camp, and appointed him for his & her; first full NHL venture.

"Much has happened in the last 365," he said. "I gave a little while to reflect on everything. If you can tell me that way he was [would go] on 1 January 2018, I would give it, 100 per cent. "

Babcock said he's not much for New Year's personal intentions, but he has made sure he will give the team the progress they have made through 2018 and how they can become stronger in 2019.

"I'm trying to build on the players today that 2018 is a great success, we have won many games," he said about the 26-11-2 recordings. "In saying that all, we are now in a place that we expect more and that we would like to get more, so we need to improve how we & # 39 ; play if we're going to do more. "


It has been near two weeks since Zach Hyman was severely injured against Devils New Jersey on December 18. On Monday he set off signs of a move to return to go by sending him a sign. sketch himself with the Jon Geller helpful athlete developer before using Leafs.

Initially, Toronto started to have Hyman out for at least three weeks, and Babcock had no upgrade on that timeline. But he noted that Tyler Ennis, who broke the ankle on December 20, "later" than the Hyman in return.


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