Mozambique says that the town of biclone-hit has cholera cases up to 271

A house surrounded by flood water near Beira, Mozambique, Thursday, March 28, 2019. The first cases of cholera were confirmed in the city of Beira which was destroyed by cyclone, the Monarchy authorities announced on Wednesday. T posing in a quarrel for struggle to help hundreds of thousands of people shelter in more difficult conditions.

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JOHANNESBURG – Cholera cases among survivors of the Mozambique have jumped to 271, authorities said, a figure almost twice from the previous day.

The group called Lusa Portugal the leader of national health director Ussein Isse, who named her breast disease on Wednesday with just five cases.

To date there have been no reported deaths, the report said. The other Lusa report noted that the death rate in the center of Mozambique from the impact of 14 March was up to 501. Authorities have warned that the inactivity is low as flood waters fall and fall. more groups.

The cholera episodes were discovered in Beira harbor, the region of half a million residents, and especially those in deprived, deprived areas of particular danger.

Doctors from the Borders have said that they can see about 200 potential cholera cases a day in the city, where lay staff are struggling to bring back the damaged water system and help t treatment of an additional medical condition.

The World Health Organization has said that around 900,000 doses of the cholera vaccine are expected to appear on Monday, with a vaccination campaign starting later this week.

The cholera is distributed by contaminated food and water and can die within hours if it is not treated. The disease is a major concern for hundreds of thousands of cyclists who are in south Africa living in camps, schools or homes damaged. Some people drink from a contaminated well or quiet, quiet water.

As health respondents state the need for better disease investigation, the United Nations humanitarian co-ordinator is close to Mozambique, Sebastian Rhodes Stamp, has said that all cases are being treated. T diarrhea because they are cholera.

The dungeon is native to the area, and “he is breaking out quickly and he travels fast,” he told journalists on Friday.

Doctors Without Borders have reported that there are other suspected cases of including outside Beira in the areas that are being hit by Buzi, Tica and Nhamathanda but the The opportunity for distribution in smaller rural areas is much more dispersed as people are more dispersed.

Mozambican officials have reported that Cyclone Idai had sent out more than 50 health centers in the region, making efforts to improve the response.

The cyclist has killed at least 259 people in Zimbabwe and 56 in Malawi.

The United Nations has said that some 1.8 million people need help urgently in the more moderately rural area.


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