Modern genre curriculum is well supported among parents and Ontario students, a consultation show

Much of the people involved in Ontario's sex education on their first day of public consultations opposed to a & # 39; recalls a modern curriculum that was introduced by the former Liberal government.

Respondents identified themselves as students, parents and social workers flooded on the website with messenger hours after opening at the end of August, following weeks of controversy about an incident a & # 39; the curriculum.

There are around 1,600 appeals received by The Canadian Press through a Freedom of Information request to show that a & # 39; Most of them want to re-instate the innovative curriculum 2015. Two of a dozen messages involved the decision of a stronger Conservative government to restore the document and one rather than a short time based on the 1998 curriculum.

"With the changes you made to the curriculum you're putting children at risk. Not all parents are comfortable to teach the appropriate names and safety of their organization, but this is crucial, "wrote one person who said they were a parent and child work defended for the Child Support Association.

Another noted that their child attends a primary school that has a trans-student student and a / worry about children who are not allowed to get lessons.

"Everyone who does not understand their gender needs to understand and agree to them. This does not allow them to happen," write them.

"Teaching the new curriculum," read another application. "My tax dollars are funding the search to come in and it's not really out of the 90s. Any teacher who is teaching from the t- old curriculum is tangible for our community's safety. "

Interim curriculum

The government launched the applications website in August after Ford promised to convert the modern curriculum set up by the previous people and the conduct of the consultations The largest in the history of the department to create a new lesson plan.

Critics commented that the 1998 curriculum that included the currently broken document did not address topics such as gender identity, permit and cyber safety.

The Education Minister Lisa Thompson welcomed the majority to listen to all those involved in the consultation process. (Chris Young / Canadian Press)

Just before the start of the school year, the government said he had prepared a lesson plan to address these complaints. But experts commented that there is only a plan passing the & # 39; plan lessons that describe today's concepts such as the internet and mobile phones and It is a great deal for the language that is unclear and the broad topics used in the 1998 curriculum.

The 2015 curriculum addresses issues such as online bullying and sexting, but challenges, especially socialists, opposing parts to address single-sex relationships, gender identity and cracking.

Our children are worthy of & # 39;

Many of the respondents to the online consultation, who had the identity, questioned the cost and requirement of the website of applications after the previous month's previous Liberal government a & # 39; Liaise with parents and experts to create their lesson plan.

Some of them showed Ford, a & # 39; Expressions to encourage changes to the retention of socialists within the party's base.

"Do not turn back," write one. "Our children are better off – they need to learn, learn diversity, how they can progress through social media. This is bullying for most people to distribute a minority of faith. right to reassure our children for political benefit. "

Many respondents responded to the forum to blame the government of Ford and its. the own consultation process, the Elementary Ontario Teaching Federation called a "snitch line" that parents encouraged to inform teachers who refused to teach the 1998 curriculum.

Screw time uncertain & # 39;

Those who helped to retrieve the 2015 curriculum; worried that children were getting things they were doing; considered unsuitable, such as gender diversity and gender-related relationships.

"Sexual choices should not be taught in school," said a respondent. "Every family has its own values. LGBTQ is currently wild, and many teenagers have bought it because it's a group of friends, Now for remote teenagers. It is not fitting that you give your opinion on the "adult" variation. But do not make the children unconscious. "

When asked about the results of the consultations, which ended on Saturday, the Education Minister, Lisa Thompson said that the government will view all the data in January, and then, write and test a new curriculum during spring. The new document will be introduced in time for the new school year for the fall, she said.

"We will be listening and watching all applications that have come in," said Thompson. "When we look through thousands of applications, digital surveys and the results of our town halls, we will see that we will send the correct music for our basic curriculum next year. "

Liberal interim leader Ian Fraser said he had been determined by his first batch of products, saying that extensive consultations were made when his party introduced the modern curriculum .

"It seems to be a very extraordinary rubbish and maybe money to make this government," he said.

If the original bids are indicative of the remaining responses, the Future Tories can not allow them to make their decision back to an older turnover of the short-term lesson plan. , he said.

Ford faced the enhanced gender curriculum that first appeared during the advanced Conservative leadership race earlier this year. He resigned his support from social careers within the party's base, helping him to go to; influencing a long-term legislator and Christine Elliott, the current health minister.

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