Jets players have become unhappy with OC Jeremy Bates: sources

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The players seemed to have genuinely respected and respected in the Jets chat room for Todd Bowles and they believed it was; do.

The same thing was not true about the co-ordinator of Jeremy Bates.

The Bates scheme has been increasingly concerned and has played among Jets invasion players, in line with many NFL resources – which was uncertain enough to have taken the concerns to the Jets headquarters. It was not clear if the players were coming out themselves, or the word went through their agents. But there was one clear source that Mike (Maccagnan, the GM Jets) knew about it. "

Receipt of soldiers Jermaine Kearse Call some of these complaints on Monday when he told reporters that he was not happy with the way Bates used this season. Kearse, who had only 37 arrests for 371 yards, said he was feeling like Bates put on the "back shooting". He also said he was not a "game" for what Bates wanted to do.

"I felt that I was not part of it," said Kearse. "I felt that I had just put a bit on the back floor, which could happen. I've been off from my favorite year and # 39 , a year before, I expected very tall. It was just very unhappy and unfortunately that things had not been done as I expected, which occasionally happens.

"Will I be thinking (the Bates system) was a part? Yes."

But the extraordinary way in Kearse, a free-time agent, who had 65 clicks for 810 yards and five touchdowns one year before, was used just one of the questions with Bates. One player had a problem with what he was trying to commit "lack of creativity" and was far too hospitable. That was constantly criticizing the Bates scheme, especially early in the season when it appeared unhappy to leave a young bachelor Sam Darnold throw down.

Kearse knew the issues back in November. When he was then asked if the Jets offense had to be more creative, he said "I would like to send that question." It's hard. " And when asked about the team's confidence in Bates, he called that "hard question" and he also refused to answer it.

"Some things were just out of control," said Kearse to Monday commentators. "I've changed things from the previous year to date. It's definitely a barrier to me. I do not want to sit here and I'll beat it. I'm responsible for myself. I'm out on the field. I'm also stressed. It's not a game. "

One NFL representative who represents at least one attacker who was supposed to be a free offer even though the Jets had to hold Bowles, would have to shoot firearms if They wanted to find out one of the invaders in a free, free, so needy group.

This was Bowles's second straight season with his attack co-ordinator. The previous co-ordinator, John Morton, lasted only one season and was shot after the source that the team had many challenges between assistants and other players. One previous player at the time that many of the players attacked private arguments appeared by the game and Morton scheme.

The challenges of an attack co-ordinator highlighted one of the biggest problems at Bowles time – unable to meet senior staff. Morton no Bates did not have his main choice for his attack co-ordinator, a team store said. Security of work security and the lack of talent on his timetable was making it difficult for coach bowls he wanted to hire.

In Bates one year as an attack co-ordinator, Jets' crime was not good. He was 29th in the NFL, bringing 299.2 yards every game, 25th when he was passing (197.8) and 26 in winter (101.4). The Jets only had 20.8 points per game, which were 23 in the series.

Regardless of the 42-year-old Bates, however, the Jets were not very skilled with an attack talent. The best keeper, Quincy Enunwa, reducing seasonal injury. Kearse had a problem, irrespective of his career, for most of the year. He lost both those who ran back to injuries – Bilal Powell and Isaiah Crowell – and before Elijah McGuire He lost half of the season.

By the end of the season, Bates worked with a hacking line, a third row running back, and a beat back (Andre Roberts) as one of his main employers. And, indeed, he played with a fourth fist throughout the year.

However, Bates was the best success. Darnold's new era, making 57.7 per cent of his trips for 2,865 yards in 13 games, with 17 tours and 15 attacks. But under the leadership of Bates, Darnold finished firmly, completing 64 percent of the routes over the four final games of the season for 931 yards, six touchdowns and only one control. That was good for 99.1 quarterback passenger rating.

Bates are still believed to have been contracted with the Jets although Bowles were officially fired on Sunday night. It is not expected to be back with the Jets, but it is expected that all Bowles assistants are also burned.

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