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Bikes that are also a spokesman. A mirror that is also a lamp. Picture frame that costs your smartphone. Welcome to the outbreak of the fuel tank! It is a bit the skill of the Swiss Army, a little Eilean an Dr MoreauSouth Westerly

Settlements have already been of great importance, ranging from multi-to-kitchen machines to everything As you can see on the television series. Certainly, some of the medieval archangels were knitting out of an arch. But over the last year or two years, the blends have come faster, and they grow both that they have. growing steadily and extremely useful. For this reason, you can thank or disturb you, depending on how busy you want a new collection of factories.

Let's start with your own progress, or have already been aware of your own life: Alexa. Well, in general, voice assistants. But Amazon is the one that's a? Bringing aggressively hard-made makers, which opened a software development tool in August 2017 that put cinch to add Alexa for anything. A year ago ago, there were about 50 Alexa baked in third party devices. By December 2018, that number had doubled. Add up to 28,000 smart home appliances that work with the Amazon voice support – as it is, they can not talk to themselves, but you can tell your Echo for turning them out and on -and you are very helpful. Anything that includes both microwave and toilets.

Kohler's Numi 2.0 toilet offers Alexa Alexa and mood-into the bathroom.

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And, Kohler's cottage at Numi 2.0 "will listen" when you go; talk to him. It occurs in a very poor place of the fuel, and Including non-similar technology posters – such as built-in speakers and mood-LEDs for the dining room. Do you need a small house that is listening? Do you want to pay $ 7,000 for the benefit? An understanding in Numi 2.0 was an accident (sad) of over a few scenes when debated at CES's first technical presentation this week. And even those altars that are unfortunately are obvious, there is a case to do.

"We already know that 80 per cent of users have their phone or tablet to the restaurant to do something," said the Kohler project. led by Jonathan Bradley. "We know that 13 per cent already have a voice use. That's what this drive puts a voice into the dining room. Usage is already being done. Kohler has the opportunity to do it in more graceful knowledge. "

Graceful, indeed. Kohler has also added Alexa, along with Google Assistant, in a dormitory line line, and a faucet selling voice order for a kitchen sink; It will look at a world where you can talk to your furniture. And as long as he thinks the technology is taller and higher; Overlapping the technology, Kohler finds out that her & her; other case. "Think about the dining room: it's a type of spa. It's a place for rest, relaxation, relief," said Bradley. "It's weird to try to relax and relax and technology together. We try to make tasks automatically so you do not have to insert your phone."

Simultaneous presentation of the same philosophy comes from Simplehuman, and Mirror Hi-Fi is a simpler. combine mirror, lamp, and spokesman. You can also add to the Google Help menu. It is here that the Commonwealth conferences begin to start; make more emotional awareness. It's good to get the weather or listen to the NPR as part of the morning routine; it's helpful to have a solid light when you put into a foundation. And it is very useful that you do not have to use your hands, or to disturb your dignity, to make sure that any of these things work.

The Hi-Fi Mirror Support materials, Simplehuman Sensor, speaker, Google Customizer, and a candy mirror lamp.

Amy Lombard

"We will look like all the user's knowledge when they interact with the materials. In this case it's ready in the morning, "said the founder of Simplehuman and Chief Executive of Frank Yang. "We will only add an element if we believe it is added in a meaningful way."

Get Google helper presence. At one level, it will impede the need for a separate Home appliance, which also features; means one less device and power plant near your sink. But helping to face the face against Alexa was also aware, though Amazon is aware; facilitating voice integration. "We chose Google due to the morning's climate. We know that it is not just a device that is why to check the face of the door, or turn light. It is enough do things, "said Yang. "It's more likely, if you're doing for a share, you need to know when you need to leave for your meeting, what's on your schedule".

The voice also represents just one piece of a complex puzzle. The essential components, for one thing, have found it much cheaper recently; Yang says that you can make the Hi-Fi Sensor Mirror years ago, but at a cost longer than any reasonable user's payment. Today Frankengadgets are not just able, but relatively accessible.

"Forrester Research, James McQuivey, is a major analyst at Forrester Research," it's a real idea of ​​how cheap it is to innovate and verify that we see an unusual and unusual mix. "

In addition, as the whole is the rubric of "output, but now it's" talk, stopping the poorer routes to make it simpler. Gabh TwelveSouth's PowerPic, this new disaster, which hides the iPhone-compatible wireless Qi charger inside a picture of pictures. The only chance is that her power cord is tied. But despite that, you sacrifice anything you love photo frames-it's going to do; In fact, there is a 5×7 picture – to benefit that will benefit the quick battery of your room in your home.

And then the most popular multi-use device of CES, Sony's powerful Bluetooth behemoth speaker, has a top to display four cuppers. You know, for helpers.

"These materials are certainly complex," said McQuivey. "But they are complex in a very innovative way."

All uncertain devices do not depend on Alexa. The Twenty PowerPic is a hidden charger without a wire inside the pretty picturesque picture frame.

Amy Lombard

Some are also beautiful. Take Barisieur, which comes from the mind of the designer Josh Renouf. He is a coffee maker and a clock alarm, but also a handsome eye. What started out as an Indiegogo project in 2016 is now the result of the form, one that does two positions in a way that does built both at least magnificent.

"You want to design the product in a way that does not seem to be just two things together and you've done it in a unique way," said Renouf.

What is the main challenge of Swiss Army equipment – not just in design, but in action. Not every company rises to it. The ability to select a variety of features does not mean that you should, although heaven is in a position; understand that someone is trying to try.

"When we add to it, we always think: Is the incidence higher than the proof?" Yang said. It identifies its & # 39; movement that incorporates displays that integrate in a mirror for example where mathematics does not work. "I have not seen a mirror where you have a good show that you can see clearly and that the mirror is any good. Why would you like that mirror?"

Over time, the same basic issue is expected to be more and more responsive. Why would you want it? Because it's fun. And because it gives you something less to worry about.

Increase from CES 2019

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