Former Champion Champion WWW Wyatt is astonishing at WWE Starrcade

The inside of WWE Starrcade at Cincinnati received an amazing return in the form of a single-time WWE Championship and Bray Wyatt's two-hour Tag player.

Wyatt was finally seen on WWE television as part of a tag team with Matt Hardy. The two won the biggest Raw Tag Team at Royal Rumble but lost their belts to The B-Team on Special Regulations.

After losing, Hardy took a while off to deal with injury and Wyatt was not seen on WWE television from.

During Starrcade, Baron Corbin, General Manager of Raw, came out to open and give an open challenge to anyone in the background.

In response, the lights were out, the Wyatt music collision and the fire fire came out for the first time in the months. Not only does he look good, he did not lose a step by doing it. jumping Corbin on his first night back.

Check out these fans of Wyatt door fans and win Corbin:

Although Wyatt sent Corbin clean first, the General Manager refused to accept it. He ordered that the game started to restart, this time with the Gun Disqualification situation. Corbin might have hoped to benefit himself but the situation was to be completed; benefits Wyatt. Elias and Fionn Balor, who do not love Corbin, came out to help Wyatt build his / her. benefit again.

Corbin's open challenge and the return of Wyatt were not first advertised for the show, and was not nominated for the special starring to be published in the WWE Network. As it is currently, it is still evident how the WWE is aiming to introduce Wyatt to the main roster once again.

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