Elite private school named for Annapolis County

Plans for a $ 62 million private boot school were built with a royal affair in Annapolis County, N.S., named Saturday in Bridgetown, N.S.

It is copyrighted by Gordonstoun School in Scotland. Famous alumni of the school includes Prince Charles and his father, Prince Philip.

But Sunday, the developer did not have much to offer how the school will be funded. In addition, Premier Stephen McNeil said in an interview that his / her share did not support the project.

"Gordonstoun is one of the private schools, if not, the private world," said John Ferguson, CAO Annapolis County at the Saturday story.

Prince Charlie, who saw in May in Athens, went to Gordonstoun. (Petros Giannakouris / Associated Press)

Historic links

The same place in the school, which offers Level 9-12 and its & # 39; costing around $ 67,000 annually in teaching, has still been decided, but Ferguson said it had been reduced to three sites between Annapolis Royal and Bridgetown. He said that this was the first license; at GordonstounSouth Westerly

Ferguson said there is a historical link between Annapolis County and Gordonstoun. He said that the Gordon Highlanders owned the land where the school was in Scotland.

Sir Robert Gordon became a baron for Nova Scotia in 1625, four years after his charter in Nova Scotia – a charter presented at Annapolis Royal in Fort Anne, Ferguson said.

"[Gordon] 16,000 acres of coastal land in Nova Scotia. So, it is a historic connection to the building and its location; It's one of the interesting pieces that came together, "he said.

It is expected that the school will open in 2020, starting with Level 9 students. It will be built in steps to include 600 students, and # 39; Most believed that he would come from Asia, Europe and North America, Ferguson said.

He said that funding for the school is coming to & # 39; mostly from European investors.

Economic growth

Ferguson said the school will bring economic growth to the local area.

"Gordonstoun's model is to buy local, to deal with the local meat market, the local food area and try to give Gordonstoun the needs of the local community," he said.

There could be some benefits from tourism, Ferguson said. He said that many families with students at international schools will be rented or exposed; buying houses in the area or staying for a long time.

The developer says that taxpayers are not at risk

CBC news told Edward Farren, project developer, on Sunday to ask about funding for his & her; project and liaison with Gordonstoun School.

Farren refused to provide information on how the school would be funded and not connected to the school. But he said that taxpayers are not at risk.

In the Facebook video of the publication, Farren, who responded to a question from the audience, spoke to her; a key player about political support for his project.

"It does not matter if your Amazon finds it in Atlanta or Toronto, or in a small or large business that they want to find in this county, they want to find out what they want. Most are looking for money up, "said Farren in the video.

He said he wanted his / her prime minister that the project should have a letter to show the banks.

"On that letter, we will pay a 1.5% economic return share, and at the $ 7.2 million [guaranteed loan from the province], which gives a & # 39; most $ 15,000 a year for a letter that we're just going to show the banks, "said Farren in the video.

Prime Minister: We do not & # 39; guarantee a loan &

McNeil said that he had appealed on Sunday in the department about a loan guarantee for school improvement, but he is out of question.

"We do not borrow a warrant," said McNeil. "I just went on."

But McNeil said that the continent is looking at the Government's Act; Town see if it is possible to protect sustainable cities to get money from the Municipal Nova Scotia Financial Corporate "to be able to invest in what they believe are so good & As the people they are interested are representing. "

He said that discussions about changes can not happen until the home comes back in spring.

Overall & very good item & # 39;

He said that his project was asked about a year ago and was able to visit Gordonstoun on a trip to Scotland.

"The concept and project are very good," he said. "I believe this is the right thing to build on international students to come to Nova Scotia. The important pieces of economic markets for the continent."

McNeil said the project would "be a huge economic increase" to Annapolis County and could be a means of holding more international students for the universities of Nova Scotia.

At the public, it was informed to those present that regional or urban funding has not been made for the project at the moment.

There was no news from Gordonstoun, but Ferguson said that there had been school officers in Nova Scotia.

CIC news sent to school officers via e-mail and Saturday phone, but they could not immediately access them to comment.

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