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Condoleeza Rice: The next head coach of the Cleveland Browns?

She is used to tackling difficult issues in the White House, but can Condoleezza Rice do the same in the NFL?

According to ESPN, the Cleveland Browns are interested in interviewing former Americans. Secretary of State for a position of head coach with the team.

If it were true, Rice would become the first woman to be interviewed for the leading role in the history of the soccer league. The NFL currently has three badistant coaches: Katie Sowers (San Francisco 49ers), Kelsey Martinez (Oakland Raiders) and Jennifer Welter (Arizona Cardinals).

In an interview with the sports media, Browns general manager John Dorsey said he was willing to hire a woman as the next head coach of the Browns. The position was opened after former head coach Hue Jackson was fired on October 29.

A source told ESPN that she is interested in talking to Rice, a big fan of the Browns, to see what she can offer the technical team and the team in general.

"She is an amazing person," the source said.

Rice served as the 66th Secretary of State for the United States from 2005 to 2009. After leaving the world of politics, Rice became involved in the world of sports, serving as a member of the University Football Playoff Committee and presiding over the University Basketball Commission.

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