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Published November 30, 2018
by Tim Dixon

November 30, 2018 le Tim Dixon

Welcome to the next issue of China x Cleantech, editing October. As usual, China has made a regular series of stories – some were covered here CleanTechnica and others fall below the radar. This monthly feature helps you to better inform you about the great changes that you have; happening in China. China × Cleantech is also published on the "Future Trends" section of our website. This is the last report if you missed it.

Tesla News

Tesla is always a hot topic. News from the start of the EV / power of a Californian house are constantly flowing due to & # 39; It has been developed and large. It is not different in China, and this is the famous Tesla in Chinese stories in October.

It was a fascinating stop, Maarten Vinkhuyzen mused Tesla could use his collection center in Tilburg, Holland, so as not to be the export tarrays that created US warfare / China. Probably. Naturally, when Tesla becomes a world-wide repairman, it is sensible to give her gifts for tasting local markets – and that's the longest time Tesla has been trying to do. work – but small changes to business plans may help high tariffs before Shanghai Gigafactory arrives.

In Gigafactory 3 news, Tesla signed a contract for 1300 acres of land in the Shanghai Lingang Tools field of business for Gigafactory 3 on October 17, 2018. The article contains some information about the rationalization behind Tesla & # 39; s Gigafactory 3, as the ongoing war of trade and government EV incentives. Gigafactory 3 has an aggressive timeline of 2 years after breaking ground to get started. What's in Tesla if it's not desirable?

Steve Hanley spoke of the reasoning behind Tesla Gigafactory 3 and the aggressive timeline in particular in the Tesla-related trade impact article in China. In addition to it, it indicates that Tesla can achieve its timetable, it has a great opportunity in its size; market and border there.

Chinese media reported details of the environmental assessment of the Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, in particular a document that shows that Tesla is going to be able to; making both Model 3 and Model Y at the Gigafactory and focus on the production capacity of 250,000 cars per year at the first S-

Corporate aims and progression EV

Reporters reported on the "new energy vehicles" data to create a progress report on how far companies are in China from their targets at the end of the year. Initially, they gave the context the Association of Motorcycles (CAA) provided information on the sales numbers of new energy vehicles in China in September, which had 121,200 vehicles, and that there were 721,500 vehicles in sales gradually between January and September. an 81% increase. According to the article, the national sales target for energy vehicles is 1 million carriages in 2018 and 72% are ready through September, and the target is likely to be hit by December is a retail month; always.

CHRIOSDUIDH 2018 monitored the sale of 200,000 new energy vehicles and had 137,237 vehicles; from January to September.

Chery 2018 monitored the sale of 100,000 new energy vehicles with a total of 44,829 vehicles; in all sales between January and September.

SAIC 2018 monitored the sale of 100,000 new energy vehicles and had 75,296 vehicles; has been sold entirely from January to September.

The article that is attached above provides a breakdown of numbers for Chinese car companies, which are extremely interesting in the market.

Kyle Field reports on news that Volkswagen had started its first electric car factory in China. The new factory uses the modular electrode machine tool to produce full-power modules over the Volkswagen Group.

It is anticipated that the factory will start to & # 39; made in 2020, and 300,000 electric vehicles should have the potential to represent once it is fully built and established. For more information and debate, go to the article of Kyle of Lochalsh.

Lotus, which is owned by the Geely group, establishes an engineering department in Hangzhou and an R & D center in Ningbo. Both resources are located within Geely resources. It is anticipated that the logo will be used to release a new energy vehicle based on the Lotus designs in the Chinese market.

Pick Pick Trucks in China

Electricians sell their news stories in the US when large-scale consumers are in the world. delays noting anything in particular but an electric start begins to start; fill the place. There is a lot of questioning if such is a # 39; disturbing the OEMs based.

In China, it is not a battle of users' hearts and minds in electric truck trucks but a battle for a & # 39; choose another market department and win over large fleet of supply companies and construction contractors. So, welcome two new electric copies to enter the Chinese market. (Yellow is widely used as the color of choice for use vehicles in China.)

JMC named his T500EV. The electric motor drive generator carries a 120 kW permanent and a & # 39; Combined with two batteries, a 320 km package and a 335 km folder. It has the potential of rapidly fast Chinese fire.

I believe this is a good addition to the market, but we need to keep track of future information including price and accessibility.

Jiangxi Isuzu Motors (JIM) details about an electric pickup truck that it will be sold for 263,800 RMB ($ 37,922), but it will be eligible for 60,000-70,000 RMB ($ 8,500-10,000). The expected 320 km range.

This carriage is a reasonable option for large-state state-owned facilities companies, who have large pots of piping cranes and are under pressure to break down.

Water-electric tourists in China may probably be the style of American-style model pollution pollution, but respond to the need for work trucks in China, and, help another section of the car market to electrify.

New Electric Car

A number of new electric cars were published or updated in October. Initially, the EU7 BAIC was released, launched in June 2019. It is designed in the article as a Modal 3. Competitive.

Another article included 6 electric batteries and double electric cars abandoned in China.

Changan Automobile: CS15 EV400 (长安 CS15 EV400) – An updated version of the current module, the main change of the revised NEDC range of 351km. There is still no news on price.

Changan Automobile-Yidong New Power: XT Pure electric (浮 动 XT 纯 电动) – The reset of the gas / petrol module already exists, and the options are equivalent to the # 39; gas / petrol module. We do not have any numbers for a NEDC or price range yet.

Singulato iS6 (奇 点 iS6) – Singulato devices are in an electric car from China and its; Its first yield, the iS6, is an electric SUV with 400 km of range and inside something to remember inside Tesla. A slate will be released by the end of 2018.

For more information on these three EVs and the three three-fold plug-in, look at the entire article.

In September, the Roewe Marvel X was launched, followed to original surveys in October. It is a SUV in the # 39; Marvel X and comes in two co-location – back wheel drive (range = 403 km) and four-wheel drive (range = 370 km). Roewe Marvel X has many design options just from the Tesla playbook. The largest is the medium of the largest, and its name is; Look very close to Model X (maybe it's not a bundle). Generally, I think this is a lovely electronic SUV.

For more images and videos, read this article and this one.

Mitsubishi Zhizhi EV GAC was recorded on 13th October. The SUV range of 410 km has a small electricity SUV and, after subsidy, its price should be 140,000 RMB ($ 20,125).

It was announced that the A60 JAC electric switch would be slated for the end of 2019 and will be 300 km of a range, which looks great compared to existing cars already on market. For more pictures, read this article.

Electric Vehicle Log News

In late October, the "Shenzhen Log" ("Shenzhen Log") Challenge, "Shenzhen 2018, was held and the" 2nd Glasgow City Media Center Conference "held a Chinese Chinese Power Network". ; compete this challenge and won awards.

The BYD showcase is a very clean electric truck at the 13th International Logistics and Expo Transport China (Shenzhen). The trucks were there; displayed on the T10ZT, electric truck; the Q1, electric tractor truck; and the T5A electric water truck. The article is tied upwards to go in detail about the trucks.

Fees News

China is developing a lot of cost infrastructure to support its & growing electric fleet fleet. Here are some of the updates since October:

In the city of Kunming, in the Yunnan continent, 4,300 tax installments were built in 2018. The article is attached to more information on the number of stations and the breakdown of the types of stations .

In September, across China, 5,916 public tax points were submitted.

In a Tesla blocking infrastructure news, Tesla opened its biggest cost facility in Asia, Hong Kong. The 50-stall site is located at the FTLife Tower and forms part of a larger parking garden. However, this is not a Supercharger site. It is a destination Charger site, so tax rates are up to 7 kWh. I hope to see a lot more work on both Superchargers, urban cargers, and Destination climbers in China / Asia when Tesla is in a hurry. runs up Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai.

China regional EV Support

In many parts of China, they have set out the objectives to encourage new energy vehicles.

Mongolia published a three-year plan to add 100,000 new energy vehicles.

Jiangsu tried a plan to bring 150,000 new power carriages on the road by 2020.

Anhui also set up a plan to bring 150,000 new power carriages on the road by 2020.

Yunnan province provided a plan to reduce 50,000 new power carriages by the end of 2018.

These plans are all part of the "Three-Year Action Plan to win the Blue Sky War."

Other Chinese Carriage News

At the end of October, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) published the latest edition of a subsidy catalog and an electric vehicle. There are 449 access to subsidy catalog for electric vehicles. Out of these entries, 377 of which are full of electric batteries, 61 are double-folded vehicles with plug-in, and 11 with fuel car vehicles. The article is bigger than a business warning, but it's an interesting look. in size of market.

More profoundly gained in the Business Ministry and Information Technology (MIIT) information, you can find out what companies that are in business; distribute the battery packs for electric batteries (in a group of 313 road motor vehicle names). CATL battery batteries were displayed in 32 vehicle modes, there were 17 BYD vehicle modules with battery packs, with both models having batteries packed with 10 models.

The third report gave a special look at batteries for the electric vehicles in the proposed electric vehicle catalog.

The sales of our own vehicle sales report in China showed that the BAIC EC series was successful in the October competition, but BYD had 5 models in the top 11. For the year through October, -the EC series is far away with the director, but BYD has 3 models in the top 5. Overall, BYD has a 20% market share of vehicles, BAIC has a 15% market share, and Roewe in third place with market share at 11%. Returning again, plug-in vehicles had 6% of Chinese self-market marketing more widely.

Renewable Energy News

Renewable energy in China, with the # 1 world in the world for renewable energy plants several years in series, and long.

Joshua Hill Hill broke the "2018 Energy Wind Power Ownership" report by Wood Mackenzie Power and Renewables. The report showed that the 15 key Chinese wind power holders hold about 124 gigawatts (GW) of wind power. The top 15 owners in the United States hold 64 GW, the top 15 owners from the EMEARC (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia and Caspian) departments; accounting for 44 GW, and the top 13 owners in the Asia Pacific region and 13 GW.

News Market Nuclear Energy

Not all roses and dandelions, however. Joshua S Hill also reported a new report by Carbon Tracker, Instead of hiding: A & # 39; using satellite images to estimate the use of fossil fuel power energyThe satellite image report used to estimate the use of fossil fuel power energy and additional estimates based on renewable energy developments in China. The main information is that the report ensures that 40% of the carbon energy holders in China have been on the verge of the fact that, Losing money in 2018, and by 2040, this could rise to 95%. For more interesting details, read the whole article or the report.

See previous history China × Cleantech Reports for more information from the red giant. Sign in to Jane X Cleantech newsletter not to mourn beat.

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