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Amarinder suspects that Khalistani's hand backed by ISI in the Amritsar terrorist attack

Punjab Prime Minister Amarinder Singh suspected on Sunday that Pakistan's kalmitis or kashmiri militants backed the ISI in the Amritsar terrorist attack that killed three people and wounded 20 others, and promised that it would not allow the "forces of the terror "destroy the" hard "won the peace".

The possibility of participation of Khalistani or Kashmiri terrorist groups backed by ISI could not be ruled out (in the Amritsar terrorist attack), "Amarinder Singh said in an official statement, adding that the forensic teams were brought to the scene and" all angles were being investigated. "

The chief minister said that his government was on top of things "and that he would" get to the bottom of the incident "soon and make sure that the culprits are caught and taken to the book.

No one will be allowed to escape trying to disturb the peace and harmony of the state, he said.

Three people were killed and at least another 20 wounded when two motorcycle infidels threw a grenade at a religious congregation of more than 200 devotees inside a Nirankari Bhawan in the village of Adliwal, near the Rajasansi area in Amritsar, police said. .

In his statement, the chief minister said preliminary investigations have revealed that two men, one with a flowing beard and both with their faces covered, forced their way into the lobby, brandishing a pistol.

They arrested the sewadar, threw the grenade into the prayer hall and fled on a motorcycle they had come on, he added.

A small crater was formed by the impact of the explosion and was examined by the forensic team, said Amarinder Singh, adding that the grenade safety valve was also found and that it was being examined.

Shortly after the attack, the Chief Minister reviewed the status of law and order in the state and asked the Secretary of State, the Punjab Chief of Police and the Director General, law and order and intelligence, to rush to go to Rajasansi in Amritsar to supervise the ongoing investigation The attack with grenades, said an official spokesman here.

The forensic teams were also brought to the site and all angles were being investigated, said the chief minister.

By strongly condemning the grenade attack after reviewing the law and order in the state, Amarinder Singh promised that he will not allow the "terror forces" to destroy the peace won with so much effort in the state.

By appealing to the people "not to panic and remain calm," the Chief Minister tweeted: "We will not allow the terror forces to destroy our won peace."

"I call on the people of Punjab to maintain peace after the outbreak of the Amritsar bomb, I urge them not to panic and remain calm," he added.

Amarinder Singh's tweet followed shortly after the Punjab police chief, Suresh Arora, told PTI that the incident "seems to have an angle of terror … we will take it as a terrorist act".

In his statement, the chief minister added that the police teams have been rushed to attack the alleged hiding places of the badailants and several teams are investigating various angles to solve the case.

The prime minister also ordered the police to immediately reinforce security in all sensitive places, including all nirankari Bhawans, after the grenade attack, the first indiscriminate act against innocent people in the recent past.

Punjab had been severely beaten by Khalistan militancy in the 1980s and early 1990s, but faced few terrorist attacks in recent years, except Pathankot two years ago.

Although the state had been hit by a series of attacks directed since 2015/2016, this was the first attempt, in a long time, aimed at disturbing the peace in the state through indiscriminate killings, said the Chief Minister.

This strengthened the belief that Pakistan continued its nefarious activities to disturb peace in the state, he added.

Amarinder Singh said that 15 terror modules were destroyed in the last 18 months, with indications of terrorist links with Kashmiri in some cases as evidenced by the arrest of Kashmiri students in Jalandhar and in a case of grenade explosion at the station. police of Maqsudan.

Punjab DGP Arora had told PTI that the grenade attack on the religious congregation on the outskirts of the city of Amritsar seemed to be a terrorist act.

(This incident) seems to have an angle of terror, because it is against a group (of people) and not against any individual. There is no reason to throw a hand grenade at a group of people, so we will take it as a terrorist act. Until proven otherwise, prima facie we will take it as that, he had said.

Punjab had been on alert after a comment saying that a group of six to seven JeM terrorists were in the state, possibly in the Ferozepur area.

The state had been put on alert after four people took a van (SUV) from its driver at gunpoint near Madhopur in the Pathankot district last week.


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