A person will die after he has been in a position; stopping in a linen gift bin in Vancouver

A dead man after he got into a cloth gift bin in West Bank on Sunday morning.

Their first respondents received a call just before 8:30 a.m. from a doctor of unrequited founder near Ambleside Park at a & # 39; between the 13th Street and the Bellevue Line, according to Const. Jeff Palmer, spokesman for West Bank Police Division.

Palmer said the person was inaccurate and part-time stopped when his / her opened; bin. People tried to restore it, but it was said he was dead at that time.

Grant bins are available in a lot of parking and on road routes across Vancouver Vancouver. The airplanes are designed to keep in-store and protect, but if a person can grab the machine, they can be arrested and killed.

An B.C. The Coronation Service is a " investigated death, but Palmer said there is no mark of any healthy game.

"It's obvious that this is really death but certainly," said Palmer.

The 34-year-old Victoria resident's family was given about his death, but his identity was not released.

Palmer said there was no other injury or death in West Bank

In July, a woman died in the 30's after having gone into a clothing shop in the west of Vancouver, and a dead man was found in Surrey after receiving a clothes offering food near Guildford in 2016.

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