Canada working with US to stop ‘loophole’ trip

Ottawa (CNN) – Canadian officials said they are working on Friday with the Biden administration, which they describe as a travel “loophole” and to achieve greater symmetry with the Kovid-19 security protocol between the two countries Huh.

During a news conference on Friday, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, Bill Blair, said “a lull, clearly exists, because Americans had previously imposed no restrictions on international flights arriving in the US.”

“We are worried because this ban is on our land border but not in air travel,” he said.

While the Canada-US border remains closed and all non-probable travel is banned until at least 21 February, in 10 months because border restrictions were imposed, hundreds of thousands of passengers have made discretionary trips between the two countries because of no air travel Has been subject to the same restrictions so far.

The United States allowed non-potential trips to family members on both sides of the border for the winter to move from Canada’s snowboard to warmer areas of Florida and Arizona, with no air travel restrictions imposed from Canada. is.

Trudeau to Canada: Avoid Travel

On Friday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rescinded his petition to the people of Canada to avoid any travel, including domestic and international travel.

Trudeau has admitted that constitutionally he cannot prevent Canadians from traveling, but has warned that it may be more difficult to return to Canada soon.

“We can bring in new measures that impede your ability to return to Canada at any time, without warning,” Trudeau said during a news conference on Friday: The bottom line is this: This is not the time Travel internationally or across the country. “

International air travelers currently entering Canada must show proof of a negative test result for Kovid-19 within 72 hours of departure, subject to 14 days of mandatory quarantine with violators facing severe economic penalties. Should also be. There are exceptions for essential workers.

Looking for more ideas

Canadian officials say they are looking for more measures that would discourage travel as much as possible, and they are hoping a new agreement with the United States will help.

Blair said on Friday that we are looking at a number of measures that may include additional restrictions on international travel, additional tracing measures, additional quarantine measures and measures to prevent and discourage people from making unnecessary trips.

Officials also indicated that week-long lockdowns in most parts of Canada are slowly beginning to operate with new daily cases of falling Kovid-19.

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. “This gives us hope that community-based control measures are beginning to take effect,” said Theresa Tam. “But it will still be very soon to be sure that these measures are sufficiently strong and comprehensive to lead us to a steady decline.”

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