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Can the Golden Globes tell us something about the Oscars?

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is a voting agency very different from the Academy, without overlapping, so trying to get any Oscar information from the Golden Globe Awards is often a useless exercise. But we'll try it anyway, because it's the awards season, and this is exactly what we do during the awards season. So let's take a look at what, if anything, the Globe winners on Sunday night indicate about Oscar futures.

Best Picture

Three billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri is the favorite again. Unless it has been the favorite since winning the audience award at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, and was only discounted by the dubious Thomases and snobs who drive the prizes of the awards season. Or, unless your victory with Hollywood Foreign Press says more about the make-up of that group: foreigners, friends of non-American authors, than the general possibilities of the movie's awards season. Or, unless The Shape of Water, that won the director's award, is the big winner of the night. Or maybe he was the winner of the comedy, Lady Bird.

The only thing that has been true in this ups and downs season is how uncertain everything is, and despite the undeniably great night it had Three Billboards (four wins!), That's still true. As noted by our friend Joe Reid in Decider The jubilation of Barbra Streisand may be indicative of strong support for the film among Hollywood connoisseurs, who see it as a Dark and a complex history of female anger, and are not affected by the accusations of racism that continue to follow her. And the sea of ​​black dresses at The Globes proved that the narrative of the awards season will be driven by female voices and the pursuit of justice, which Three Billboards are offered by ship. But Golden Globes and Oscars do not coincide as often as you think; In this decade, three of his winners of the best drama have won the best film, and four did not. There is still a long time ahead of Oscar's night, and Three Billboards will have to work hard to stay on pole position in the female narrative of the season, especially with Lady Bird and his writer-director next door.

Best director

The victory of Guillermo del Toro in the Balloons does not change much the tone or temperature of Oscar's career to the best director. Although the Globes and the Academy Awards are synchronized in this category with some frequency, there are also many instances to point to- Ben Affleck won a Globo as best director and then did not even get an Oscar nomination Richard Linklater won at the Balloons for Boyhood instead of the eventual Oscar winner Alejandro González Iñárritu, and James Cameron won a Globe for freakin & # 39; Avatar – suggesting that Del Toro is far from being ordered.

What might provide some hope for Christopher Nolan, who, a distant summer ago, seemed to be a scandal to his precise and elaborate work in Dunkirk. Nolan still has a little bit of the narrative rhythm "is deserved" behind him, but he vanished like other contenders, like del Toro, Get Out
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