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Can Quentin Tarantino do for Star Trek what he did for John Travolta's career?

Two years ago, Quentin Tarantino told an audience at the Jerusalem Film Festival that he planned to make only 10 films before retiring, beginning with Reservoir Dogs . ( True Romance the film directed by Tony Scott Tarantino wrote, apparently does not make the cut, perfect as it is.) The rules, it seems, are somewhat fungible: "Even if at 75, if I have this another story to tell, it would still work because that would make those 10, "he said at the time," Do not contaminate the other 10 ", so it's not clear if the director's last idea would be the cut, but here it is anyway. According to a new report from Term Tarantino devised a concept for a new movie from Star Trek told J.J. Abrams (the producer of the most recent cinematic restarts of the series) and, because there is an immense amount of privileges in being a respected male author, is now planning to convene a writer's room to execute his idea. Then, according to the argument, he could direct the film. Could . Hopefully, it will not interfere with your retirement plans.

It would be number 10 out of 10 films proposed by Tarantino, and the ninth will be the next Manson Murder Movie in which Margot Robbie may be playing Sharon Tate. Of course, it is possible that Tarantino occupies the place of the franchise of another person who does not even count, since the rules are, at best, loose. ( Death Proof which he co-titled with Robert Rodriguez, does not appear in the 10.)

Most of Tarantino's films, including Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, ] and Jackie Brown, were produced by Harvey Weinstein's Miramax company or The Weinstein Company; After Weinstein was shot down by accusations of systematic and rampant systematic sexual behavior two months ago, Sony picked up Manson's next murder movie and, according to Deadline, Paramount is watching the new one Star Trek [19659032] "I knew enough to do more than I did," Tarantino told the New York Times in a confessional interview about his work with the disgraced and predatory producer in October. It seems that Tarantino is not being held in any way for his " complicity " regarding Weinstein.

Given the ongoing debate, as end of the year lists begin to appear, whether film or television critics come to claim the new Twin Peaks: The Return as their own, and given the number of film directors, whether Steven Soderbergh or David Lynch or Paolo Sorrentino, who have ventured on television lately, is also entirely possible Star Trek presages a more complete adventure on television for Tarantino. (It is not a controversial opinion that the series has always been better than the movies, but it's up to Tarantino to choose his medium, I suppose). He is no stranger to the reinterpretation of emblematic franchises, since he previously directed an episode duo of [19659042] CSI, that paid a clear tribute to his own films Kill Bill as well as an episode of [19659042] ER . The new Star Trek: Discovery led by the actress Sonequa Martin-Green, was originally devised by Hannibal Bryan Fuller, who is still credited with the role of creator, but resigned as a showrunner before the series debuted this year, and between Discovery & # 39; s dark political vision and the Star Trek -like action film imaginations of the JJ Abrams productions, a representation of Tarantino It is not so far. Tarantino has earned a reputation for revitalizing the careers of abandoned actors (looking at you, John Travolta), but he still has to put those skills to the test with a franchise. Star Trek: Discovery had a promising first season, but was hampered by CBS All Access, the broadcast platform where it was exclusively available, and the most recent films Star Trek have been plagued for mediocre reviews. Could Tarantino do for Star Trek what he did for John Travolta's career?

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