Can Lucid overtake Tesla as the best EV brand?

Lucid’s air unveiling was impressive; There is no doubt about that. It’s all the ingredients for a great electric car: speed, power, capability, luxury, range, quality engineering, and a team of highly-dedicated engineers working to improve on the already solid foundation that the company has Is laid.

What came to my mind while watching the presentation was, “They are legitimate.” It is clear that Lucid was taking things seriously and not using a bunch of fancy B-roll and suspense music to sell a product that was not in production. off course not. Lucid was gravely dead about his car, and they believe that they do not accomplish a harmful thing until production begins and is delivered to Air consumers.

This is a refreshing mindset in today’s day and age. To be honest, I understand that many companies are coming forward and saying that they are the next big thing. They are the next Tesla, and their EV platform is the one to solve all the problems.

Sincerely: Lucid Motors

These claims have come up free time and again. But Lucid certainly took a different approach. While describing and placing the air pieces in pieces to understand the audience’s views, the company’s CEO Peter Rawlinson was far too supportive of Lucid’s efforts. However, he knows that hard work is over. Just ask Elon Musk, who called the Model 3 construction “production hell” a few years ago.

This is what Lucid is super respectful about. They know that production is the real test, and it is one that never ends. After the commencement of manufacturing and distribution of cars, there will be room for celebration, and time to look at the achievements over the last five years. Until then, it is hard work and grinding it out.

But the question is, can Lucid catch Tesla? Is it possible

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Tesla has a fairly head start over Lucid for a few years, and Tesla has already been hinted that it has a multi-year advantage over some of the world’s largest companies. Both Volkswagen and Audi have acknowledged this in the past, but their focus has not been primarily on EVs. Gas cars have filled the mind of the VW CEO for years.

Ever since VW began to manufacture ID.3 and ID.4, they have been plagued with a range of issues that relate to software. Volkswagen has superb engineering, and the problems they have faced are inhibiting the company’s ability to quickly release quality.

Now, VW has an extensive and successful history in automotive manufacturing. While they have only a few years of experience with developing electric cars, they still stumble from time to time, and this is after so many years of manufacturing experience.

(Credit: Volkswagen)

Lucid may experience some of those problems when production of air begins. These issues can be a major problem as they can delay the final delivery date of Dream Edition, which is Spring 2021.

However, there is a chance that Lucid has worked for all the kinks. Let’s not forget that Lucid was not an overnight spring. It was originally Etieva and was established in 2007. It seems that a lot of important work was done on the arrival of Peter Rawlinson, who worked for Tesla and helped with the Model S.

Rawlinson is an experienced and accomplished veteran, and has had some astonishing talks with Lucid so far. But is there a chance Lucid can catch Tesla? Sure, but what evidence is there that they have a chance?

First of all, this is the limit. 517 miles in the air, which is impressive considering it is only a 113 kWh battery pack. This is an unheard of amount of travel distance in an EV and significantly exceeds the Model S ‘402-mile rating. Subsequently, Air’s performance is critical to the company’s competition with Tesla. The Air is faster than the Model S’s performance, but will it be faster than the Plaid Mode Model S? It is unknown, but many think Tesla’s new-engine flagship sedan Air would be the right answer. Whether it becomes reality or not is seen.

What is ultimately necessary with the development of air we can see that real EV manufacturers are coming to light with competitive products. For so long, legacy automakers have made half-baked efforts to make electric cars. They throw a low kWh battery pack into a sedan, give it a range of 100 miles and call it the “next big thing”. News flash: It’s not. If you want to compete in this field, you’ll have to give consumers a reason to build your vehicle above Tesla, which is really the norm at this point, especially since the Model 3 is massively affordable. is.

Lucid answered many of those questions on Wednesday night. He proved that his car is worth it, and he has a lot of things that could be “better” than what Tesla has to offer. But, this may not be long, as Elon Musk is a master at taking the air off a competitor’s sail upon launching a new product.

In fact, anything can happen. But the good news is that Tesla now has a real competitor who is serious about EV manufacturing. There are no targets down the road for production, and their car works and is tested. With the competition, Tesla could see its best days yet, and Lucid could eventually be another driving force behind widespread EV adoption.

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