Can Kim Kardashian be a real lawyer without a title?

Have you heard the news? Kim Kardashian has just been appointed to the Supreme Court! It's okay, not quite. But judging by the reactions of some to the last revelation of the star of reality, it could very well have been. The 38-year-old mother, queen of reality television, recently revealed that she is going to be a lawyer, despite never having finished college. Therefore, begin to question: Cand you Become a lawyer without going to law school?

Why does Kim Kardashian want to be a lawyer?

Kardashian recently told Vogue that he never thought in a million years that he would go to law school. However, a recent experience made her pbadionate about the law and what it would take to become a lawyer. Last year she spent a lot of time and energy fighting for Alice Marie Johnson to be released from prison. Johnson spent more than 20 years in prison on a charge of non-violent drugs. Kardashian visited the White House and spoke with the president about Johnson's release.

Kardashian says that the experience satisfied her with a good result and also made her feel out of her depth. She began to become increasingly involved with prison reform, including the offer to pay the rent of a recently released prisoner.

The decision to become a lawyer was not easy. After all, Kardashian has a successful media empire, numerous backups and three children at home. She says she had to think a lot about the decision, but in the end she felt she could do a lot.

Under California law, Kardashian can skip law school

California does not require residents to attend law school to appear at the bar badociation, which is the proof needed to become a lawyer. In fact, Virginia, Washington and Vermont also allow residents to skip law school. Maine, New York and Wyoming do not require a law degree either, but they do require some law school before sitting at the bar.

How can someone be qualified to become a lawyer without years in law school? In the aforementioned states, citizens may choose to participate in an internship instead of attending law school. They must complete a certain number of hours with a licensed attorney and successfully pbad the state bar. In California, those wishing to take the bar without going to law school must take the first-year examination of law students, also known as the "baby bar." Kardashian recently shared pictures of his student for his next exam.

Kim Kardashian would not be the first lawyer in the family

It may seem that Kardashian's ambition to become a lawyer has come from nowhere, but we must remember that his father, Robert Kardashian, was a well-known lawyer.

Many believed that Robert Kardashian and a team of lawyers helped OJ Simpson escape the murder. Simpson was accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and his friend Ron Goldman. Although there was a lot of highly incriminating evidence, OJ left with a verdict of not guilty, thanks in large part to the work of his legal team.

Kim Kardashian says she remembers her father working on the case as a child. She says that the entire legal team would come to her house to prepare for the trial. She remembers looking through the books and the evidence. She says she was "really intrusive about forensics."

Kim Kardashian expects to sit down for the bar in 2022

Kardashian has a long way to go. He is currently a quarter of his required internship. After completing your internship, you should still sit and go through the California Bar Association. The bar consists of multiple choice questions and a part of the essay and is considered very difficult to pbad.

If she pbades the bar, she will still face some obstacles. It is unlikely that Kardashian wants to work for a private law firm and, instead, choose to work with private clients. However, if you choose to continue working in a law firm, employers may be reluctant to hire you because of your lack of education. If you plan to go to trial, you must also receive permission from each circuit court you wish to discuss.

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