Cam Newton wouldn’t be surprised if Josh Allen wins MVP, roots for Bill QB

Cam Newton is heavily involved with the Buffalo Bills organization as the Panthers quarterback had multiple players and coaches at Carolina from 2011 to 2019.

One person in particular who Newton mentioned before the Monday Night Football matchup between the Bills and New England Patriots on Thursday is current Bills quarterback coach Ken Dorsey.

Newton said he knows what Allen is doing because he is very well connected within the Bills organization. As far as the MV Award goes, Allen currently has the third-best score at 9/1, behind only Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes and Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers. Newton feels that Bill Signal Caller has a shot to win.

“I am a huge fan of Josh and he is actually coaching Ken Dorsey by a person I know very well. The year I won MVP, I was my quarterback coach. “Then I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins it this year as well.”

Allen has been compared to Newton since he was in Wyoming. His large arm and mobility offered a logical connection during the draft process. Those comparisons became even more prevalent when Sean McDermott and Brandon Bayne selected her for 7th place overall in 2018.

In Newton’s MVP season in 2015 – when he led the Panthers to the Super Bowl – he had 4,473 total yards (3,837 passing yards), 45 total touchdowns (35 passing TDs), 10 interceptions and a Pacer rating of 99.4.

Allen’s numbers are almost the same. He has a total of 4,383 yards (4,000 passing), 39 total touchdowns (30 passing TDs), 9 interceptions and 104.2 quarterback ratings. Allen has two games left and can pass Newton’s totals in every category. Even more impressive could be the fact that Allen (68.7%) is completing his pass in his MVP season by almost 10 percentage points compared to Newton (59.8%).

Newton said he is a fan of Dorsey and the entire Bills coaching staff. He said Billy, along with McDermott and a lot of players signed in the days of Carolina, primarily on defense, gave the current Patriots QB a fundamental understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes at Buffalo.

And Newton likes what he likes on Allen’s film.

“He said he is a very talented player with a big hand and mobile skills that he offers: very physical, strong, elusive”. “For him it is a skill set that is the point of this year to be able to attack multiple strongholds in many different ways. I always try to move forward, not under certain circumstances but clearly.”

Bill can not protect. This weekend if they beat the Patriots, who fell out of playoff contention last week, and the Packers defeated the Titans and the Colts defeated the Steelers. Even buffalo will not live in it. 2 seeds if they win their last two games.

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