Cam Newton taking a much different approach to Harry N’Keal with the Patriots than Tom Brady Chris Mason

N’Keal Harry valued the Patriots seven points on Sunday.

Fighting for an extra bounce in the goal line, Harry threw the football out of the final zone for a Dolphin touchback. Instead of keeping the game on ice, it allowed Miami to make its way back.

By all accounts, this was a mistaken mistake.

But when asked about Harry’s thunder on a Wednesday afternoon video call, Cam Newton offered a fierce defense of the second-year receiver instead of the afternoon.

He said, ‘I spoke with N’Keal and kept a lot of things in perspective here. Did he have a good game? Yes, they did, ”Newton said. “I think a play overshadowed the production he did. He gave me a misstep pass in a play with which he came down and came down for the first time. He did very well in the run game. He did it. Was. ” Participated in the doubles competition. And all of this was little to focus on.

“And granted, I’ll be the first to tell you that he knows – or he’ll be the first to tell you who knows he’s unacceptable. But obviously when you put things in perspective and you’re an apple one It was just a mistake to call apple and a spade a spade. They are still being a young player and trying to get into themselves, things like that will happen. “

It is not impossible how Newton and Tom Brady have separated all of Harry’s things.

Newton has affectionately nicknamed “Dogboy” to Harry – under his wing, and the 2019 first-rounder has praised his leadership.

“It’s a real good relationship,” Harry said last Friday. “A lot of the time it’s like a big brother, just guiding me through a lot of things, helping me a lot.”

This seems a far cry from last season, when Harry’s struggle with Brady to develop chemistry was a season-story line.

Let us examine a similar missstep.

Brady was ruled out when he went out for an interception in Houston last December when Harry was out in the first quarter. The quarterback did not see Harry’s way the rest of the night and the Patriots lost, 28-22.

They fell to 10-2.

Brady later said, “I threw it and they got it.” “Bad result.”

During his 20-year dominance in New England, Brady was used as a one-at-a-glance chemistry with Julian Edelman, Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, Randy Moss, etc. The then 42-year-old quarterback had little interest. In breaking a new wide receiver who had missed a lot of the season.

Newton’s NFL experience has been vastly different.

“Being in Carolina I was a N’Keal in my life as long as my career existed,” Newton said.

He then hired Calvin Benjamin, Devin Funchess, Curtis Samuel, DJ Moore, and Christian McCrae, all top 40 draft picks to graze Newton in the Carolina offense.

“Coming into the team is nothing new and you have a young talent,” said Newton. I know that N’Keal is buying not only for my theory and methods, but also for the team. Keep playing like this. We just hope that it happens. “

This is a different approach to Harry. After a weak bullying season, it will probably produce different results.

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