Cam Newton still misunderstood; Lions extend the career of Max Adrian Peterson

three days left!

• It was interesting to see what Cam Newton said on Boston radio this morning, because it says with a belief that I am good for five years now: He is one of the most misunderstood athletes in American sports. Their partners are sworn in by them, and you can ask first-class people like Thomas Davis, Luke Kuechly, Ryan Kalil, and Greg Olsen. His coaches love him. And in fact, the problem has been that the narrative continued to pre-format, and Newton never cared to fix it. So it’s just sat there forever, and it’s something that really makes me really respect the 31-year-old quarterback. She is So Comfy in his own skin, that everyone thinks there is nothing for him either. This is something I brought up to Ron Rivera, when Rivera and I were talking about how his experience with Newton informed him on the development of Dwayne Haskins, and Rivera was too much to agree with the idea Were sharp. “I used to tell people, the hey, if you can live your life within certain parameters, a certain set of rules, then do it.” But don’t lose your personality. “And that was one thing Cam kept in mind, he never lost his personality. He was true to who he is, and because of that, he was really misunderstood.” Hopefully, that changes over time . And if it isn’t? It’s certain that with Newton it seems to be fine, too.


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