Cam Newton quickly comes to the rescue of young Patriots receiver N’Keel Harry

Newton said, “I spoke with N’Keal and just put a lot of things in perspective. Is his play good? Yes, he did. I think a play overshadowed his production. did.” .

Quarterback Cam Newton publicly endorsed N’Keal Harry on Wednesday.Winslow Townson / Associated Press

Newton preferred to acknowledge Harry’s positive contribution in the 21–11 win over the Dolphins.

“He misjudged me in a play, in which he passed the wrong way and reached the first position,” Newton said. He did very well in the run game. He had a pair of catches. For this kind of void because many people just focus on thunder. And granted, I will be the first to tell you, he knows – or he will be the first to tell you who knows that is unacceptable. “

Harry finished the game with five catches – tied for the game with teammate Julian Edelman – on six goals for 39 yards.

“It was just a mistake,” Newton said. “He’s still trying to come into his own, being a young player, things like that will happen, you just want to do them as little as possible. But he’s making the leap and everyone expects him to Because he will do it.

Last week Harry described Newton as an older brother, and the 10-year NFL veteran explained why he is uniquely qualified for his young pass catcher, a Patriots first-round draft pick in 2019.

N'Keal Harry and Cam Newton have developed a tight relationship.
N’Keal Harry and Cam Newton have developed a tight relationship.Matthew J. Lee / Globe Staff

“The thing that makes me and N’Kell closer, I told him my spell, obviously being in Carolina, I’ve had an N’Kell in my life, as long as my career has existed, ‘ ‘Said Newton, who recently chose “Dogboy” as Harry’s nickname. Taking a highly invested draft Calvin Benjamin back on dating back to Devin Funchess, I was still young at the time, and Curtis Samuel, D.J. Moore was investing in Christian McCaffrey, so it’s nothing new. To come into a team and you have a young talent at receiver and can try to make him into the best player. ‘

Newton said that leadership is a constantly evolving process.

“To be a great leader, you also have to be a great follower and there are a lot of people on this team that I look back on and see how they work and just work on a day to day basis. But, “he said.” Every day and every day I’m trying to put my life on the list. “

One reason Newton is so high on Harry is that he sees the daily practice habits of the receiver.

“I know that buying into N’Keal is going to happen not only for my theory and methods, but also for the team and the way it plays,” Newton said. “We hope this will be the only time.”

Cam Newton has worked to gain the trust and support of his teammates, including cornerback Jesse Jackson.
Cam Newton has worked to gain the trust and support of his teammates including cornerback Jesse Jackson.Jim Davis / Globe Staff

Another thing that gets Newton excited is this week’s trip to the Seahawks game on Sunday night in Seattle, which he said will break Camp Foxborough’s monotony.

“We have been stopped for at least a month and half. . . Doing the same thing every day and every job – being tested. “For me, I’m trying to learn a lot, be in as little time as possible and it’s no different to be different than anyone else and that’s one thing, but it’s still a thing Travel. “

There is additional uncertainty of the club’s first road trip during the coronovirus epidemic, but Newton does not expect any complications and, like many of the team’s players, efforts to keep players safe have been much appreciated.

“I think the NFL and the New England Patriots have done such a great job protecting us. . . To help us go beyond this, we must not only protect ourselves, but also the people of the families. “

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