Cam Newton promotes N’Keel Harry after the defeat against the Dolphins

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New England Patriots wide receiver N’Keel Harry is trying to make a massive leap this year after a forgettable rookie season in 2019.

However, a lost fumble that resulted in a touchback in the third quarter of Sunday’s win over the Miami Dolphins, left a sour taste of Harry’s by far the most productive game in the NFL. Patriots quarterback Cam Newton was asked about Harry’s fumble and Newton tried his best to focus on Harry’s contribution to the team instead.

Let’s keep a lot of things in perspective here, “Newton said, via’s Mike Rees.” Did he have a good game? Yes he did. I think a play oversaw the production he did. He hooked me up in a play. Laya, on a kind of foul pass, with which he came down and got off first. He did quite well in the run game. He had a doubles contest. And it was all for naught as a lot of people fumble. Used to concentrate. ”

Harry had not played more than three catches or more than 29 yards in any of the seven matches played for the Patriots last season. On Sunday against the Dolphins, Harry caught five passes for 39 yards for an offense that was just 19 passes in the game.

The Patriots were leading 14-3 late in the third quarter with a first-and-goal at the Miami 10-yard line when Harry caught a drag from Newton and sprinted for the end zone. However, lineback Jerome Baker caught Harry inside the 5-yard line and kicked the ball out of his fist. It passed through the end zone for a touchback that put the Dolphins within New England’s reach.

“It was just a mistake,” Newton said. “He is still trying to come into his own, being a young player, things like that will happen. All you want is to minimize it. But he is making the leap and everyone has to be him. Hopefully. He is growing into his best self. ”

Ultimately, the mistake did not derail the Patriots as they scored a 21–11 win over the Dolphins last week. However, the margin for error this Sunday night may be significantly lower than for the Seattle Seahawks.