Calvin Katar released the first statement after the fight ‘Fight of the Night’ against Max Holloway

Calvin Skewer is down, but definitely not out.

The New England native suffered a unanimous decision loss to Max Holloway this weekend in the Fight of the Night effort as the main event at UFC Fight Island 7 in Abu Dhabi.

Despite absorbing 400 critical attacks over five rounds, the dagger refused to go away and was swinging at the former winged champion with everything in his arsenal until the final season. Later, UFC President Dana White insisted that the dagger be taken to a medical facility for precautionary reasons to talk to the media after the fight.

Now for the first time since Saturday, Kattar has broken his silence with a statement released on Instagram.

“Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up,” Katar wrote. “Goals are so strong that obstacles, failures and losses only serve as motivation.

“He deserves all the praise for Max in Hell of a Fight. Thank you for my team’s commitment to this fight. On to the next. There is no stopping for the man who does not leave the job.

Katar certainly deserves a ton of praise for Holloway’s reluctance to withstand tremendous pressure, setting both new records and both strikes and outputs inside the UFC Octagon.

When he came up short on the scorecard, Katar was trying to make a comeback while launching shots at Holloway during consecutive rare moments when Hawaii was not leading with five and six strike combinations.

In the end, Kattar’s two-fight win streak ended, but he left Oklogan with the respect of Holloway and the admiration of fans around the world, who praised his ferocity for surviving that type of attack for five rounds .

Katar will go home with an additional $ 50,000 bonus for his part in Fight of the Night as he looks to bounce back from this loss when he finally makes his return to action.

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