Call of Duty WWII Ranked Play Issue gets a solution


The Call of Duty WWII qualification has been a little problematic, but it seems that Sledgehammer Games has heard the screams. Sledgehammer Games has released a qualified Call of Duty WWII game review that not only solves the location problem, but also deals with statistics.

The developer announced the arrival of a revision in his official Twitter account. We came to know that the developers have solved these problems, but rest badured that more solutions will be implemented soon. According to a recent publication by Sledgehammer Games, a complete list of known problems is currently being studied.

Developers are determined to eliminate errors to offer a better and smoother experience to Call of Duty WWII users.

Call of Duty WWII Ranked Play

The update has been implemented to solve statistics and location problems for advancing players. If you have problems connecting, simply go back and restart the application and try again. Thank you for your patience.

– Sledgehammer Games (@SHGames) December 2, 2017

Call of Duty WII Known Issues

  • We are investigating a problem in which Error Code 5 prevents the game.
  • Some players can not join another player through an invitation and receive a message that says "First you must select a Division".
  • We are working to solve a problem where clbades restart after players equip a weapon variant. [19659009] Some players have not received additional content elements to preorder a Digital Standard or Digital Deluxe edition of the game.
  • We are working to resolve instances in which the content elements collected from the mail provider seem to be stuck in their mail slots. This is a graphic error; the content has been delivered See the Soldier tab to find its content.
  • We are working to solve a problem in which nothing appears when opening a Supply Drop. You still received the items in the offer and you can find them in the Soldier tab.
  • We are currently investigating a problem in which some players did not receive the Prestige Unlock tab included in the multiplayer update.

Call of Duty WWII is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC.

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