Call of Duty: Warzone will update with new game content

Season 5 is about to launch, and Call of Duty: Warzone will continue to add content to future annual Call of Duty entries, developer Infinity Ward has confirmed. The free-to-play Battle Royal will be updated over time and will be added with new entries in the Call of Duty series. Instead of moving from Warzone to a new Battle Royal game like we did with Blackout, we will play Warzone from here. Your progress will not have to be reset when a new game is released.

In an interview with GamesRadar, Infinity Ward’s design director Geoff Smith revealed that Warzone was always designed as a self-contained product and one that could be altered around the progress of the series’ latest entries.

“Although Warzone is very much associated with modern warfare, it was designed as its game from the beginning,” Smith explained. “As the game is updated over time, it will evolve and be tied to other games in the Call of Duty universe.”

The next Call of Duty has not yet officially surfaced, although several rumors suggest that it will be another entry in the on-going Black Ops sub-series that will take place during the Cold War. Call of Duty games are usually released in the year in which he suggests that Activision is attempting a new method of marketing its next title, perhaps using Warzone as a platform.

Season 5 of Warzone is set to launch later this week, with large-scale patches already for PS4 players. The new season will finally open the stadium for exploration, as well as start a new train in Verdansk that will allow players to board it as it makes its way across the map.

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