call of Duty Modern Warfare Update 1.27 is about to go live, bringing season 6 content for the popular shooter. SP-R208 sniper and subway, with major additions like new operators, tank factory and broadcasting in multiplayer Warzone, The developers have made some minor changes to improve the larger gameplay experience. Read the full patch notes below, courtesy of the Infinity Ward blog post.

call of Duty Modern Warfare 1.27 update patch notes

Modern Warfare Updated 127 Patch Notes Roadmap
The ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ update includes season 6 content and more. Read the full patch notes below. ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
Infinity Ward / Activism

PLAYLIST update:

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modern war:

  • ground war
  • Gunfight blueprint customs
  • Face Off – Station
  • Kilstruck confirmed
  • Season Six Mish Pit – Seas Six Maps Broadcast and Molestore Tank Factory in Mosh Pit Game Modes


  • BR Quads
  • BR Trios
  • BR Duos
  • BR Solos
  • Booty trio
  • Armored Royale Quads

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Common fixes:

  • C4: Slight delay while doing quick bursts. A beep will now sound when a quick blast occurs. Throw initial velocity less than 30%
  • Fix for a bug where, after reviving a teammate in Survival, there will be a delay of 5 seconds before the user is able to reuse their records
  • Fixes for a problem where players could get unlimited stopping power rounds
  • Fix for a problem where the defending player had a long response timer after the HQ retreat and all the players in the HQ match were dead
  • Fix for a problem where it was possible to put a mulotov or grenade into a bomb planted, so that it could kill the spreading player.

Weapons, Weapons:

  • Fixes for two issues where the player’s clock and / or heartbeat sensor fin will not be fully visible when using the XRK chinsaw attachment on the LMG.
  • Fix for a bug where explosives and thermite rounds don’t work as intended on chronic variants from the Blunt Force II bundle
  • An issue where it was difficult for Finn LMG to see the muzzle selection screen in the gunsmith menu
  • 23.0 “An issue is fixed in the player’s left hand when equipped on the Romanian barrel AK, where the player’s left hand will not hold properly.”
  • Corrected some insects where the prone hipfire did not show up as viewmodal positioning and may disappear under certain circumstances
  • Genesis 12: Reduced damage very close to Warzone
  • Shotgun: Slug Increased Damage in Warzone
  • XRK Chansava – FNN LMG:
    • Adding a detail to the gunsmith does not allow anything for mounting the attachment weapon
    • Increase brightness on TAC laser attachment


  • Fixed a confrontation issue in the south corner of the stadium
  • Fix for a problem where a fence with a white wire near the hospital was allowing players to see from one side
  • Fix for a problem where, on occasion, the train will appear as a white placeholder icon on the map
  • Implemented reforms to help Warzone properly track victory
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to harm enemies with bullets on an escander
  • If a player has his / her minimum set to not rotate, they will see the heartbeat sensor incorrectly ping. It is fixed
  • Fix for a rare problem where train supply boxes may disappear during long rounds


  • NVIDIA Reflex is now available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, including Warzone, and will improve latency in GPU intensive gaming scenarios on GeForce GTX 900 and higher NVIDIA graphics cards
  • Better stability and performance

Given these patch notes, some of the biggest changes coming in the 1.27 update include season 6 content such as operators Farah and Nikolai, as well as new weapons like the SP-R208 and AS Val. Both the sniper and assault rifle classes have become quite popular over the term of the game, so it makes sense that Infinity Ward would bring more guns into the game than those classes. It is also not known that both arms have history. black Ops Also in the series, as seems to be in the appropriate lead Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Next month.

Perhaps the most important changes players can notice from update 1.27 are the new tunnels that hide the freezing Verdansk subway system. In these tunnels, combatants are free to engage in close-quarters firefights that were not common in open-air battle royale. Maybe this previously undiscovered area will hide some Easter eggs for players to find? Some fans think we can bet on it modern war Season 6 may be the game’s final formal season of the DLC. With two more surviving events believed to be on the horizon, it is once again Warzone That gets the most interesting seasonal overhaul. Having said that, call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 6 offers a lot to all multiplayer fans over the next two weeks.

call of Duty Modern Warfare Now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What are your thoughts modern war Season 6 so far? Does update 1.27 meet your expectations? Tell us in the comments section!