California woman blasts online for wearing orange dress in beach photos during West Coast wildfire

A California woman is being slapped on social media for posting a “tone deaf” picture as a wildfire sweep across the West Coast.

Earlier this week, Coil LeClair, a self-described influencer, posted two pictures of himself on a beach in the San Francisco area wearing an orange-colored dress. Behind him, the sky is also a shade of orange from the fire.

Salma Hayek shared a photo via Jawa-Drawing, which is about the 54th birthday syllabus.

In an early caption, which has since been edited, according to a screenshot of the caption, LeClair stated that it was his last day in San Francisco before moving to Los Angeles.

“I found some gorgeous clothes on sale and they are all linked in the most recent post on!” The original caption appeared to say. “This one is from @ Shopakira, but it’s old – I found new ones listed on my site and added them to my blog post.”

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However, Leclair’s post was quickly labeled as insensitive.

On Thursday, writer Carolyn Moss tweeted the original caption and a screenshot of the Instagram post criticizing LeClair.

“We Live in Hell,” Moss wrote Twitter. “(This is an affected man who just posted a picture of the clothes he is selling by posing * on the beach in San Francisco because there is a forest fire around him).”

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Since then, LeClair’s original caption has been changed and the caption has been discontinued.

As of Friday, the post said: “Here is my last day!” Wanted to say goodbye to the sea and the beach and do something I had been enjoying here for years — TRIPOD PHOTOS currently collecting lots of clothes to donate — or! It won’t make it to LA with me, but here’s someone who would like it. ”

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Despite LeClair changing the tone on his Instagram post, people were disappointed with the post, calling it “serious” and “tone def”.

However, LeClair told Yahoo that she was just trying to say goodbye to San Francisco – and the beach she loves – before moving to Los Angeles.

“I take pictures on the beach,” she told the website. “I love the beach.”

“I went to the beach, wore a dress that I was donating the next day,” she said.

In San Francisco on Wednesday morning, the Golden Gate Bridge is depicted, which is smoky because of the ongoing wildfire. (Frederick Larsen via AP)

She also told Yahoo that the fire was “heartbreaking”.

“I’ve always been facing fires and ever since they started, as do most people in California,” she said. “I’m so sorry for the fire.”

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