California says it is safe to use too much of modern vaccines withheld after allergy

California released hundreds of thousands of doses of the coronovirus vaccine last week after it was linked to a group of allergic reactions in San Diego that stopped on Sunday.

State Health Officer Dr. According to Erica Pan, the case was investigated by a state committee reviewing coronovirus vaccine safety and other agencies.

“Yesterday, we called the Scientific Safety Review Working Group of Western States and additional allergy and immunology experts to examine the evidence collected,” the California Department of Public Health said in a statement Wednesday night. “We had further discussions with the San Diego Department of Public Health, the FDA, the CDC and the manufacturer, and found no scientific basis to continue the pause. Providers withholding vaccine administration from modern lot 41L20A can resume immediately. “

The vaccines under consideration belonged to a batch of 330,000 modern vaccines, which were sent to 287 health care providers in California in January, and were stopped on Sunday because six health care workers who received the vaccine in San Diego last week apparently had allergies Reactions were developed by this. Six people were treated and recovered.

No other allergies from the batch have been reported other than the San Diego cluster.

Some vaccines in the batch were given at the time of stagnation, but it is unclear how many were used. The suspension of vaccines meant that many counties and providers had significantly lower doses than the count.

For example, San Francisco received about 8,000 doses from Modern Batch and had to stop administration, which put the Health Department in a position to rule out vaccines by Thursday. Now that the state has allowed health care providers to resume using them, San Francisco will no longer be expected to run out of doses until Thursday.

Each batch, or a lot, is given too much vaccine from the manufacturer. The vaccines under consideration were from lot number 41L20A.

Severe allergic reactions to vaccines are very rare. There is no data on how allergic the modern vaccine is. But for a similar coronavirus virus created by Pfizer, the risk is about 1 in 100,000.

The state said the findings “should continue to convince Californians that vaccines are safe and effective, and that systems are in place to ensure vaccine safety is rigorous and science-based.”

Katherine Ho is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Email: [email protected] Twitter: Cat_Ho

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