California may begin comprehensive screening with accelerated virus tests


Sacramento, California. (AP) – California’s specific turnaround time for coronovirus tests has been reduced to less than two days, state health officials said Thursday, a mark that allowed effective isolation and quarantine of infected people to limit the spread gives.

The test results are now available from laboratories within an average of 1.3 days, ranging from five to seven workdays, which officials reported last month.

Acting State Health Officer Dr. Erica Pan said, “To really interrupt that broadcast, it needs to be in a timely manner.” “This is a huge progress.”

Pan said that two-thirds of the test results are now returned in one day and 88% within two days. The one-day average has improved 13% since the previous week, and is below the statewide average of about four days in early August.

There are plans to significantly improve the trial starting this fall in the state as an improvement. The goal is to double from an average of about 104,000 tests a day to 250,000 by March under a $ 1.4 billion contract announced last month with a Massachusetts company.

Pan said a substantial improvement in capacity and turnaround would allow the state to begin surveillance testing soon. The goal is to refine the test so that it targets the right people and allows health authorities to better estimate the track of the disease.

He said that state officials would soon issue new guidelines for that test.

California’s infection rate has steadily decreased for weeks and is now 3.5% for the last seven days. Hospitalizations and intensive care admissions have also closed, with 1,040 people in the ICU seen no less than since the onset of the epidemic.

There were 137 deaths on Wednesday, and California is on the verge of 14,000 since the outbreak began, the third highest in the country. But in cases of less intensive care, mortality should decrease in the coming weeks.

The state’s new four-tier system to allow counties to reopen and expand activities is based on reducing transition and case rates. Counties are penalized if they do not test enough people.

This is what is happening for Riverside County and officials there have urged more than 2.2 million residents to take the test. The county can test 4,000 people per day but only half the available slots are being filled. This is causing the state to adjust its case rate to a higher level, making it harder to move to a lower level.

“We have made great progress in slowing the spread of the disease and we want residents to know that more testing will help us prevent the spread of the virus,” said Kim Saruwatari, the county’s public health director. “We need to retake our test – for the purpose of isolating the sick and helping us re-open more safely to our community.”

For most people, coronovirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can lead to more serious illnesses, including pneumonia and death. Most people recover.