California Mail immediately reports USPS investigation: report

Postal investigators are looking into recent events in California in which mail bags were dumped – in parking lots and in a nearby street – without any reason.

The disturbing incidents occurred in Glendale, about 10 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, amid a national debate about the integrity of the nation’s postal system – weeks before the US presidential election in which mail-in ballots played an important role Expect to play. Role due to coronavirus epidemic.

After the dumped mail was discovered, Glendale police alerted US Postal Service investigators because mailing is potentially a federal crime, FOX 11 of Los Angeles reported.

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The dumping of 7Q Spa Ledger and Aesthetics in the parking lot was reported by the business owner, who was alerted by one of his employees. The employee investigated security-camera footage of the store, which showed a rental truck pulling into the parking lot and mail being dumped, FOX reported.

“The employee called me and even sent the video with a bunch of USPS packages in the parking lot,” said Spa owner Lillian Serobian. “I saw a big budget [rental] The truck [in the video] Go back to the parking lot, and start dropping packages one by one.

“Then I found out that this was not the first incident in the region,” she said.

Glendale police later reported that a similar pile of Serbian mail was found in an alleyway some distance from his business, he said.

“It was so suspicious,” the spa owner continued. “This is not something that will be an accident, dropping one or two boxes. It was huge, differently shaped, open boxes. There may be something behind it that I do not know, but hopefully they will find it out and stop it from happening. ”

A spokesman for the US Postal Service told FOX 11 that the agency does not comment on the ongoing investigation.

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But postal officials told KABC-TV of Los Angeles that the truck driver was a contractor, not a postal service worker. The agency also told KCBS-TV of Los Angeles that all discarded mail was picked up and would be distributed to the correct recipients.

Other incidents involving the Mail have raised concern across the country in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, about 3,000 voters in Georgia filed complaints with election officials, claiming their absentee ballots for the state’s Aug. 11 election did not hold 11 primary elections in time to vote for Atlanta. Fox 5 reported.

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