California lawmaker accuses Newsom of ‘state-making spirit’ tinderbox waiting for a spark ‘

James Gallagher of the Republican Assembly said on Friday that Democratic California government Gavin Newsom blamed climate change for deviating from the fact that his party’s policies created the status of such blasts She did it.

“The Democrats who control this state have been in charge of the legislature, and every statewide office has failed to take care of forestry management in California,” Gallagher told host Tucker Carlson. “We have uprooted the forests with ten feet high and dead trees and brushed trees and it is waiting for a spark.

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“We have these fires that have killed my constituents, razed their homes, and devastated our communities,” added Gallagher, whose district includes the City of Paradise, where the 2018 campfire 95% of all buildings were damaged. In total, 86 people died in the blast.

According to Gallagher, Newsome and other Democrats have been guilty of “40 years of deflection of mismanagement of our forests” for large special interests in California [like] The Sierra Club, which said, ‘We don’t want to cut a tree.’

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“It is the radical policy that is the cause of these fires and leading to those who die,” Gallagher continued. “We are very upset about how this policy has been carried forward and excuses … that have been made, that somehow it is our fault. Somehow, it is because we live where we live. .

“There are people who say that the kind of cars we drive, the lifestyle we live, is somehow our fault and not their policies that clearly lead to these devastating fires.”