California essential: how Thomas’s fire became a monster

Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It is Tuesday, December 12, and this is what happens in California:


How the Thomas fire became a monster

Flames as high as a tall building galloping up and down the slopes of the mountains. Coastal communities shrouded in smoke. Armies of firefighters on the defensive with little hope of corralling a forest fire that refuses to leave. The scene of this month's Thomas fire could easily be taken from the 2007 Zaca fire and decades before that, the Matilija fire of 1932. In a land sculpted from craggy cliffs and steep canyons, where hikers can find the distance at one hour Drive to some of California's most expensive real estate, many of the state's largest wildfires have burned. Over the course of a week, Thomas exploded into the fifth largest forest fire in the state's modern registry. On more than 230,000 acres on Monday, it was located just behind No. 4 Zaca and No. 6 Matilija. The same qualities that make the Los Padres desert a dramatic backdrop for Santa Barbara also make it a nightmare for firefighters. Los Angeles Times

This is what we know about the fires that swept Southern California:

– The Thomas fire has left a sterile "lunar landscape" as it continues to threaten to Montecito and Carpinteria. Los Angeles Times

Residents of these coastal enclaves, that are a defining feature of California's landscape, are shaken by a sense of deep anxiety as fires continue to threaten their homes. Los Angeles Times

– While residents made sense of the devastation, firefighters from San Diego to Los Angeles won the lead over the weekend in a series of forest fires fed over the past week by the mighty Santa Ana blows. Los Angeles Times

About those gang injunctions

Thousands of Angelenos whose movements, dress and even relationships were strictly restricted under gang prescriptions were released from those warrants this year, marking a dramatic reduction in use of a crime-fighting tool once hailed as an innovative response to violent street gangs in the city. The purging of names comes amid a growing debate over whether the commandments still make sense in an era of diminishing crime and gang activity . Los Angeles Times


Nominated Golden Globes: While Hollywood struggles with inclusion and badism, Golden Globe nominees are badyzed with the intensity of an Oscar . Los Angeles Times

In addition : Here are all the nominees for the 75th Golden Globe Awards . Los Angeles Times

In skid row: A ghostly song from "Bill of Rights, Bill of Rights" came out of a sidewalk tent while the 19459005 UN monitor on extreme poverty the streets of skid row as part of a national tour that investigates the conditions of human rights for the poorest American citizens. Los Angeles Times

Off the Air: Steve Edwards, the host of Fox's "Good Day LA" and an accessory on local television and radio for more than three decades, "is no longer employed" on the station, according to a Fox spokesman. Los Angeles Times

What's in store for the Dodgers: As the Yankees present their latest acquisition, mega-slugger Giancarlo Stanton, the Dodgers are preparing for a winter of financial restrictions . Los Angeles Times


Pbades for mayor: San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee the first Asian-American mayor of the city, died early Tuesday morning at 65 . No cause of death was given immediately. Under Lee, San Francisco saw a harvest of new high-rise buildings, and the city gained an enhanced status as the global capital of the technology industry. Los Angeles Times

She's back in the news: Former Los Angeles Dodgers co-owner and Trump fundraiser Jamie McCourt was sworn in as the United States ambbadador to France and Monaco ] at the White House on Monday. Los Angeles Times

Tab calculation: State finance officials said Monday it would cost about $ 2.67 million for a special election over the ouster of state senator Josh Newman (D- Fullerton), but only $ 931,000 to put his possible retirement on the June primary ballot, which will also feature races for governor and seats in Congress. Los Angeles Times

Is it time to act? "California Deputy Governor Gavin Newsom and educational leaders urge the University of California to address allegations of badual harbadment and misconduct at work by University of California Rector and radio mogul Norman Pattiz, almost a year later several people said that Pattiz made them feel uncomfortable in the workplace. "The Huffington Post

In Newport Beach: The Newport Beach City Council will select your next mayor and pro tempore Tuesday. As in many other Orange County cities, Newport Beach voters do not directly elect their mayor. Council members elect the mayor and the mayor pro tempore among them for the one-year, largely ceremonial, posts. The Daily Pilot


#MeToo in the courts: California Chief Judge Tani Cantil-Sakauye said Monday that she had her own #MeToo moments during her legal career , being treated as "Sugar and Honey and dear" and one of the "girls". Los Angeles Times

In Artesia: A man who stabbed Los Angeles County Sheriffs with a knife was shot dead Sunday in Artesia the department said. Los Angeles Times

Ugly Things: A 43-year-old woman was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of looting a house in San Diego County by officers patrolling the areas affected by the fire of Lilac, authorities said Sunday. Los Angeles Times

Seen on video: Authorities say a woman was arrested after attempting to smoke on a Southwest flight from Portland to Sacramento, and then shouted that she was going to kill everyone on the plane. Associated Press


Wow! "Since work began on extension [Los Angeles subway] in 2014, fossilized remains routinely have arisen from creatures that roamed the prairies and forests that covered the region during the last ice age, about 10,000 years ago. "Associated Press


Batali is out: the famous chef Mario Batali is moving away from the TV show" The Chew "and everyday operations The restaurant empire after a report detailed accusations of badual misconduct by multiple women spanning at least two decades. Los Angeles Times

The filmmaker dies: Bruce Brown turned surfing into a cultural phenomenon with the movie "The Endless Summer". Los Angeles Times

Main Acquisition: Apple purchased the music Shazam recognition application . Los Angeles Times

And the tax credits go to …: "The new series by Ridley Scott & # 39; Strange Angel & # 39 ;, the fourth season of & # 39; Ballers & # 39; from Dwayne Johnson, and nine other TV projects have been selected for a total of $ 69 million in California production tax credits. " Variety

Has a very bright nose: An ivy hedge trimmed to resemble a giant poodle in the North Hills also functions as Reno at this time of year. Los Angeles Daily News


Los Angeles: Sunny, 82, Tuesday. Sunny, 80, Wednesday. San Diego: Sunny, 77, Tuesday. Sunny, 75, Wednesday. San Francisco Area: Sunny, 64, Tuesday. Partly cloudy, 61, Wednesday. Sacramento: partly cloudy, 62, Tuesday and Wednesday. More time is here.


The current memory of California comes from Rob Leonard:

"My parents born in Michigan brought their family to live in California 50 years ago this month, I grew up in the Area of ​​the Bahia and at age 10 I discovered the perfect climate and automobile culture of Southern California on a family vacation at Disneyland, Knott & Berry Farm and Wild Country Safari.That journey sealed my destiny.When I turned 18, I moved to Los Angeles to live my fantasy of driving clbadic cars all year long … Since then, I've been doing exactly that for 35 years, count me among the lucky few who really live the California dream. "

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