California Bans “Dark Patterns” Under Historic Privacy Law

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New regulations were passed under Of California Consumer privacy law Monday that will ban the use of so-called dark patterns – tricks deployed by websites or apps What do they seek frustrate or trick users into doing things they normally wouldn’t.

On a monday Press release, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced the new regulations, state approved Administrative Law Office, and said the update the restrictions will be Strengthen the historic CCPA legislation passed in August 2020.

“California is at the forefront of protecting privacy online, and this new OAL approval clears even more obstacles to empowering consumers to exercise their rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act.” Becerra said. “These protections ensure that consumers are not confused or misled when seeking to exercise their data privacy rights.”

Imagine you are browsing a website or viewing an in-app ad when you are suddenly redirected to a subscription page, even if it has no interest on any product thatis marketed in you. Similar tactic are what is known as “Dark patterns“- dishonest strategies that depend on “Confusing language or unnecessary steps, such as forced clicking or scrolling through multiple screens or hearing why you should not opt ​​out of selling data,” according to an infographic provided by the California AG office. Tactics are more widespread than you might think, and banning them under the CCPA is one step in ensuring that consumers are protected deceptive deal practices.

The new The regulations will also institute the use of a new Privacy Options icon, which Internet consumers can use as a visual cue to choose not to participate in the sale of your personal information.

Passed in 2018. The California Consumer Privacy Act is one of the most strong data privacy laws in the U.S. As written, the legislation currently gives consumers greater than control over how the The personal information that companies collect about them is used and shared, and it also allows them to remove or opt out of the sale of your personal information in most cases.


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