Calif. Legislator resigns, another was removed from a committee for accusations of sexual misconduct



State legislator resigns on accusations of misconduct

California Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra resigned on Monday after multiple allegations of badual misconduct, becoming in the first legislator to leave office amid an avalanche of reports that shook the state Capitol.

The Los Angeles Democrat had previously said he would not seek re-election and would step down at the end of the next legislative session. But on Monday, Bocanegra said he had decided to leave immediately after reflecting on the weekend of Thanksgiving and conversations with family, friends and supporters. Several women have accused him of kissing or touching them without consent.

In a statement issued by his office, Bocanegra said he hoped to be able to clear his name.

Meanwhile, the Senate Rules Committee voted on Monday to eliminate the Senator. Tony Mendoza, another Democrat from the Los Angeles area, as chairman of the Insurance, Banking and Financial Institutions Committee. He is accused of inviting a woman to his house, offering him another alcohol when he was 19 years old, and holding personal meetings with a woman during dinner or drinks.

His behavior with two of the women was formally reported. Mendoza denied having offered alcohol to a staff member and said he would not deliberately abuse his authority.

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The Supreme Court puts an end to a claim on the Confederate flag

The Supreme Court of the United States. UU He rejected on Monday an appeal by an African-American lawyer who called the Confederate battle emblem on the Mississippi flag "an official endorsement of white supremacy."

The judges did not comment because they ended a lawsuit by lawyer Carlos Moore sought to have the flag declared a relic of unconstitutional slavery.

Mississippi has used the same flag since 1894. It is the last flag of the state with the Confederate symbol, a red field surmounted by a blue inclined cross dotted with 13 white stars. Critics say that the symbol is racist. Supporters say it represents the story.

Moore said Monday that he received five death threats due to the lawsuit and three death threats because he removed the Mississippi flag from his court after becoming a judge in the city of Clarksdale. He said he was disappointed but not surprised that the judges chose not to consider the case.

Gob. Phil Bryant (R), who called Moore's lawsuit "frivolous," has repeatedly said that if the flag design is reconsidered, it should be done through a state vote as it was more than 16 years ago. In a referendum in April 2001, Mississippi residents voted to keep the flag.

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Police investigate the threat of shooting at high school

A student has been arrested and at least five others are being interrogated while authorities investigate what they called a "Columbine threat" against a high school in a ski town in Colorado.

Telluride High School was closed Monday when several police agencies searched the Rocky Mountain city building with fewer than 3,000 residents.

The Telluride Marshal Department said a student notified school personnel of a possible threat on Sunday afternoon. He says the investigators learned of a threat discussed on Snapchat to shoot the students at school on Monday.

Later they discovered another threat to detonate explosives around the school.

The department says that a rifle and a gun were found in the home of the Telluride High student arrested. But police said they found no weapons or explosives on school grounds during the search.

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Mysterious vault found at the NH Statehouse: Civil War bonds, travel posters and other documents spanning a century of New Hampshire's history were some of the forgotten objects that were found on Monday in a mysterious state vault. The 6 by 10 foot space is at the top of a narrow spiral staircase in a room that served as state treasury in the 19th century and later as the Department of Motor Vehicles. The room is badigned to the Senate Finance Committee.

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