Caitlyn Frisina’s parents meet with their daughter after a week of searching


SYRACUSE, NY – The aunt of a 17-year-old girl who fled with a 27-year-old man from Florida shared a photo of the family reunited after a one-week national search.

Marcy Frisina, Caitllyn Frisina's aunt, shared a Facebook picture of the hugged family.

"Reunida", is read in the title.

Frisina fled with Rian Rodriguez, 27, from her hometown of Florida a week ago, sending local and federal authorities a mbadive search and urging the girl's parents to make an emotional plea for her return insurance.

The couple was seen at 4 pm On Friday, a state police investigator, Todd Grant, who recognized Rodriguez's red Mercury sedan and Florida license plates. He was arrested at gunpoint in a parking lot at the Salina Mall and faces extradition.

The reunited family made a brief appearance in front of journalists at the State Police headquarters on Saturday, according to News Channel 9. The girl's mother, Scarlet, thanked the authorities throughout the country and in New York for your help.

During the family's declaration, the girl held her father, Rodd Frisina, up close and curled up under her chin, eyes closed. She did not speak.

"We had a very, beautiful, wonderful, very emotional meeting with her a moment ago, and we are very grateful to have her back," Scarlet Frisina said, according to the video posted by the news station.

Rodriguez is being held at the Onondaga County Justice Center for a charge in Florida that is known as interference with the custody of the children. He does not face charges in New York or federally, but that could change, police said.

Rodriguez will be in the Onondaga County courtroom at an extradition hearing on Monday.

Rian Rodriguez praised the CNY & # 39; friends & # 39; after the arrest with Caitlyn Frisina, says the police

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