Caitlyn Frisina, missing girl from Florida found in CNY, to meet with family –

Caitlyn Frisina, missing girl from Florida found in CNY, to meet with family


SALINA, NY – A missing teen from Florida who was found more than 1,000 miles away in downtown New York will meet with his family today.

Caitlyn Frisina, 17, was found safe by the New York State Police on Friday afternoon at a Salina shopping center. Rian Rodriguez, the 27-year-old man she was found with, was arrested.

Frisina's parents traveled from Florida to New York to be with their daughter. The family was expected to meet on Saturday morning, said police Jack Keller, a spokesman for state police.

The teenager and Rodriguez, a football coach at her high school, disappeared on Florida Sunday, sparking a national search.

Frisina was reported missing on Sunday from her home in Columbia County, Florida. Researchers from the Columbia County Sheriff's Office said it looked like the teenager had left behind his cell phone and they had escaped with his red Mercury Sable.

Police followed Frisina to Georgia, where agents said she used an ATM to withdraw $ 200. She and Rodriguez were seen in North Carolina.

Rian Rodriguez taken to the Onondaga County Jail (video)

On Friday morning, the deputies of Columbia County reported that there had been no new sightings of Frisina and Rodriguez. Hours later, that changed.

During the multi-state search, the New York State Police was informed that Rodriguez had ties to downtown New York. Rodriguez has ties to the area, Keller said, and had spent a summer vacation in the area when he was young.

State police investigator Todd Grant and an FBI agent searched the hotel parking lots at the Mattydale and Salina parking lot for Rodriguez's car on Friday afternoon, Keller said. Grant drove north on the South Bay Road around 4 p.m. When he saw a Mercury Red Saber, he said.

Grant turned in his unmarked vehicle and followed the Sable, Keller said. When he confirmed that the license plates matched, the investigator turned on the lights and the sirens, he said.

Rodriguez, the driver, finally stopped at a parking lot on the commercial avenue on South Bay Road and Lawrence Road East, Keller said. The investigators surrounded his car and jumped out of his vehicle with his firearms, he said.

Rodriguez was handcuffed and placed on the ground, witnesses said.

Frisina was found unharmed in the car's pbadenger seat, Keller

When Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter, of Florida, learned that the teenager had been found safe in New York, he said he made a happy call to the concerned parents of the girl.

"That was one of the best phone calls I made in my career," he said with a smile during a press conference on Friday night. "The family was euphoric, of course, they have been through a lot, they are emotionally exhausted."

Rodriguez, of Lake City, Florida, was arrested as a fugitive from justice. He is being held at the Onondaga County Justice Center pending his extradition hearing on Monday.

In Florida, Rodriguez has been accused of interfering with the custody of the children, a felony. Investigators are working to determine if they will face additional charges.

The age of consent in New York is 17 years, Keller said, explaining that Rodriguez would not be charged in New York.

In Florida, the age of consent is 18. It is possible that the FBI could accuse Rodriguez, Keller said.

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office thanked the New York State Police and the US Marshals Service for helping to find the missing pair. Sheriff Hunter called Grant a "very alert policeman from New York State."

Rian Rodriguez was taken to the Onondaga County Jail (video)

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