Caitlyn Frisina, Florida teenager missing with soccer coach, was found safe in New York –

Caitlyn Frisina, Florida teenager missing with soccer coach, was found safe in New York


Updated on December 1, 2017 at 8:43 p.m. EST

A missing Florida teenager who police say was traveling north with a 27-year-old high school football coach was found safe in New York. [19659003] Caitlyn Frisina, 17, was found after she disappeared for a week, the Columbia County Sheriff's Office announced Friday night. The trainer, Rian Rodriguez, has been arrested and accused of being a fugitive from justice. He was indicted in the Salina City Court and sent to the Onondaga County Jail, said state police spokesman Jack Keller.

Frisina will remain at an undisclosed location and will meet with her family on Saturday, Keller said. Florida researchers are scheduled to arrive in Syracuse on Saturday to continue their investigation.

Investigators said Frisina was seen on surveillance video in Georgia and North Carolina with Rodriguez, a children's soccer coach at Fort White High School, where Frisina is senior and allegedly plays on the women's soccer team.

According to a report of missing persons, Frisina left her house in Lake City through the window of her room, took some clothes and her wallet but left her cell phone, which had been deleted from the data. Police said in the report that they got a text message that the girl sent to a friend indicating that she is with Rodriguez and that "there may be a relationship" between Frisina and the coach.

Sheriff Mark Hunter said Wednesday that Rodriguez is a friend of The Frisina family is the badistant coach on the children's football team at his high school, which Frisina's father trains. The School District of Columbia County has suspended Rodriguez.

Hunter did not detail the relationship between Frisina and Rodriguez and said that his main objective was to take the teenager home safely.

"He's with a person who's 10 years old senior in a supervisory capacity over her as a trainer," Hunter said. "She is legally minor, although she is 17 years old, she still can not give her consent by law."

Hunter said Rodriguez faces possible criminal charges of interference with the custody of the children and could face additional charges depending on the outcome of the investigation. His parents had issued an emotional plea for his return. His mother, Scarlet Frisina, told Meg Oliver of CBS News that she believed Rodriguez was manipulating the teenager.

"I know that she, to a certain extent, left alone, but I absolutely believe that she was lied to and completely confused," Scarlet said.

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