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& Cagney & Lacey & # 39 ;, & # 39; Magnum P.I. & # 39; Restarts between 6 CBS pilot orders

The network added three more dramas and comedies at their fingertips for the pilot season of 2018-1919.

CBS has restarted the fever.

The network, which issued a direct order to series this week for a Murphy Brown reactivation, has picked up six pilots, including restarts of Cagney and Lacey and Magnum PI

On the side of the drama, ordered to pilot are Heads, a female procedure driven by CSI graduate Carol Mendelsohn; Cagney and Lacey, by Bridget Carpenter ( 11.22.63, Westworld, Friday Night Lights ); and Peter Lenkov ( Hawaii Five-0, Macgyver) take over Magnum P.I. On the comedy front, CBS ordered three multicams: Fam Here comes the neighborhood, and the Indian family comedy Pandas in New York . (Two of the half hours are produced by Aaron Kaplan, who has a joint venture with CBS). The orders bring the CBS pilot crop for season 2018-19 to 11 (compared to 16 a year ago).

Here's a closer look at the six orders on Friday.

Cagney and Lacey are being written by Carpenter and described as a reboot of the iconic series about two policemen and friends who keep the streets of LA safe. The original series, which aired on CBS for seven seasons in the 1980s, starred Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless and was produced by MGM. The restart is a co-production with CBS Television Studios and MGM Television. Cagney and Lacey continue the great push of CBS for female characters and writers this season under new network leaders Kelly Kahl and Thom Sherman.

Magnum PI, which was put into development in October, is from Hawaii Five-0 duo Lenkov and Eric Guggenheim, who will write the script and executive producer along with John Davis and John Fox by Davis Entertainment ( The Blacklist ). It is described as an update of the classic TV series and set in Hawaii. Follow Thomas Magnum, a formerly decorated SEAL who, returning home from Afghanistan, once again uses his military skills to become a private investigator. The pilot is co-produced by CBS Television Studios, where Lenkov has its headquarters, and Universal Television, and the latter produced the original show. The news comes when CBS and CBS Television Studios are also home to original Magnum P.I . star Tom Selleck, who stars in the basic element of Friday nights Blue Bloods . The actor is not linked to Magnum P.I. reboot, although given its connection to the network, it is not difficult to see a cameo if the project advances. (ABC tried his luck on a Magnum PI reboot last year, with the Disney-owned network version as a continuation and revolving around Magnum's daughter Eva Longoria and John Rogers produced Universal's entry Television, created by Donald P. Bellisario and Glen A. Larson, Magnum PI was released in 1980 and ran for eight seasons on CBS.

Drama Chiefs was written by David Hudgins ( Friday Night Lights ) and produced by Mendelsohn and his topper Julie Weitz, which revolves around the professional and personal life of three motivated, successful, but very different women, who are police chiefs of their own precincts at LA The Drama is a co-production between Sony Pictures Television Studios, where Mendelsohn is based, and CBS Television Studios.

On the comedy front, Fam is written by Corinne Kingsbury ( Th e Newsroom ) and revolves around a woman whose dreams of a righteous life with her new fiancé and her distinguished family vanish when her step-sister, the youngest of the brothers, goes to live with her to escape her shattered father. Executive producers of David Rosenthal, Kaplan, Dana Honor and Wendi Trilling for CBS Television Studios and Kaplan & # 39; s Kapital Entertainment.

Here Comes the Neighborhood is by Jim Reynolds ( The Big Bang Theory ) and brings the writer together with 9JKL producers Kaplan, Honor and Trilling. The comedy produced by CBS Television Studios focuses on the most pleasant guy in the Midwest, who moves his family to a tough neighborhood in Los Angeles where not everyone appreciates their extreme closeness.

Friday's orders are Pandas in New York, from The writer of Carmichael Show Ajay Sahgal. The comedy focuses on a family of Indian doctors with a successful group practice in New York City who embarked on a project to fix the life of their youngest son, not knowing he made his own plans.

Restarts and revivals continue to be a rage on the transmission side this pilot season. Also in this year's works are Get Christie Love and The Greatest American Hero on ABC; Murphy Brown on CBS; Bad Boys spin-off on NBC; and a Charmed reboot in The CW. The media, cable and broadcast continue to rely on family titles in an attempt to traverse a landscape with messy scripts that are expected to exceed the original 500 this year. The key to these restarts is to have the original producers or the study attached, the latter being the case of Magnum P.I. and Cagney and Lacey .

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