CA Village. Newsom Survey Fire, Rips “Climate Change – Deadline” ideological B.S.

After visiting fire damage at the North Complex Fire near Auroville in Northern California, Governor Gavin Newsom was not in the mood for one of his usual, wary media statements.

“If you don’t believe in science,” Newsom stated candidly while standing in the ashes of what he once was in a Boote County wilderness, “I hope you believe you see the reality Can. ”

“The hots are getting too hot and the vats are getting too wet,” he said. “Science is absolute. The data is self-evident. ”

The governor said, “We must own that reality and we must own the reaction to that reality.” By this time last year, 118,000 acres were burnt, he observed. This year, it is over 3 million acres. He said that the state is currently battling five of the 20 most destructive fires in the last century.

Flat by Tiny California Town

Newsom called these examples how the state has been given a “mouth-breaking answer to reality.”

Newsom said, “The debate over climate change is over.” “If you don’t believe so, just come to the state of California.”

As a result, the governor announced, “We have to fast track our efforts in terms of our meeting.” [clean energy] The target too soon said that he had asked the officials of the principal administration to “go down that list”. [of climate change initiatives] And dusting our current processes and accelerating them across the board. ”

Chief among these would be “optimizing strategies to get more electric vehicles out on the road”. He said that the current target of achieving 100% clean energy by the state’s midcentury would be “too late”.

Newsome said that those who worry about the economic consequences of such an initiative will “ask the people here in Bute County” in 2019, “Newsome said,” Only $ to clean the rubble of the campfire It cost 2 billion. ”

“You want to know the cheapest way to deal with it?” Asked the governor. “This is to accelerate our low carbon strategies.”

Responding to “people who want to bring back vehicle emission standards,” Newsom said that “it is beyond a sense of understanding.”

The governor said, “BS that is being instigated by a small group of people who follow the 19th century structure. You can exhaust yourself with your ideological BS. We are not going back to the 19th century . ”

As a result, Newsom stated, “We are involved in dozens and dozens of lawsuits against an administration that does not believe the same way we do. We have won and we will continue to win. And we will prevail.”

“I’m very proud of California’s leadership,” he said, “in the absence of national leadership.”

“California, people, America is fast forward,” he warned.

Wade Crowfoot, California Secretary of Natural Resources explained, “We are seeing the impact today that we thought we would see by the middle class”

“I’m not going to say that forest management practices have been the norm in California over the last 100 years,” Newsome admitted, with President Trump’s frequent criticisms of the state’s work in that area. “Not for a second.” But something else is going on, not just bad past practices.

“Over the past few weeks,” he said, “we’ve experienced the hottest ever … arguably the hottest temperature worldwide yet, record-breaking temperatures in Los Angeles … the fires we experience Have been [over] 800 miles, or the length of the state of California.

Newsom admitted, “said that … we have to do more in terms of burnt water.” “We recognize it.”

The governor said he spoke with the president on Thursday and said that the state had completed 35 high-profile fire-fighting projects, which would take 10 years to do. we’ve done [them] In 15 months. But this is not just the issue in California. ”

“We are in the midst of a climate emergency,” the governor announced.

“We can’t just change lightbulbs. We need to change leadership, not only at the national level. If people are still in denial and they are in charge of keeping you safe, “he said,” then they are not the right people to move forward. ”