BYU vs. Navy scores, takeaways: Cougars make season-opening statement with major wins over Midshipmen

The Week 1 finale of the 2020 college football season changed on Monday night, as BYU gained 580 yards on home-standing Navy with a 55–3 win in Annapolis, Maryland. The Cougars running Tyler Allgear had 132 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns, while backfield Met Lopini Katoia had 80 rushing yards, two rushing touchdowns, three catches for 32 yards and a score in an offensive showcase.

Allgier scored from 34 yards out to open the scoring on the first drive of the game, and Katoa followed with a 39-yard scamper on the next drive. Katoa caught a 15-yard pass from quarterback Zach Wilson to take a 21–0 lead. After a 22-yard field goal from Jake Oldroyd midway through the second quarter, Katoa gave up 1 yard with eight seconds left in the first half to take a 31 point lead.

The hit only continued in the second half. Wilson led Gunner Romney to a 38–0 start to a 45-yard touchdown in the third quarter, and Allegier extended the score from 17 yards to take the score 45–0 to finish third with 7:10 left. did. Frame.

The BYU offensive line dominated Screamz and Wilson’s line, being a skilled 13-to-18 pass for 232 yards, two touchdowns and an interception in a game – let’s be honest – he didn’t have to throw much to move the chains. for.

The Navy offense, meanwhile, was a Cougars defense that allowed just 149 total yards and 119 rush yards. This is quite a statement against a navy rushing attack that is usually a force in that triple-option scheme.

Monday night’s season opener between BYU and Navy broke the three biggest takeaways.

1. BYU’s crime is no joke: The world saw Alzier and Katoa running circles around the Navy’s defense tonight. But behind the running clinic, Zac Wilson put in a solid performance and wide receiver Gunner Romney made four catches for 134 yards and a touchdown. Is that the reason? Absolutely. This indicates that BYU has more in their offensive arsenal than on Monday night. It is reasonable to assume that it went into cruise control so fast that it would be saving quite a lot of the Playbook for road trips to the military in two weeks. Offensive coordinator Jeff Grimes pressed all the right presses in the first game of his third season in charge of the Cougars offense. If he can keep it… get your popcorn ready.

2. It was a statement: BYU has only eight games this year after COUID-19 extended the 2020 college football season. After tonight, it is not going to make headlines at all during the season. Unless … Look, I’m not saying BYU is going to make the College Football Playoff. This would be an excess of epic proportions. But, in a year in which the door is as open as it would be for middle and lower level independent teams and group of five teams, why not BYU? Seriously. The offensive line is filled with adults who are out on the road, the running game is in very good hands and the defense, led by a strong linebacker corps, is as fully disciplined playing as any team in America Is capable. If there is going to be a non-power five team in the CFP, BYU has a chance. Or, at the very least, the selection is by Sunday before negotiations in December.

3. Perhaps the Navy should have made full contact: Midshipman coach Ken Nimetalo took ownership of the fact that he did not have full contact practices at the fall camp to limit his exposure to COVID-19 and keep his team healthy for the opener. It is on the backfoot in a huge way. Not only did the midshipmen miss out on tackling, they looked allergic to tackling throughout the evening. This is quite a shock for the Navy team, which has been one of the smartest and well-trained teams in the country under the supervision of Nemitalolo. The team usually improves the most from Game 1 to Game 2, and the Navy has a week off before traveling on September 19. With two weeks to prepare, they will probably have time to hit each other at least once during the week. In preparation for the Green Wave.

CBS Sports was with you in the BYU-Navy game with live updates and highlights below.