Byers TE Cole Comet reports of inconsistent conduct penalty vs. Saints

The Chicago Bears were on the wrong end of a terrible call by a 21-9 loss to the New Orleans Saints in an NFC wild card game by officials on Sunday.

Russian tight end Cole Kemet was sentenced to 15 yards after a short reception jockeyed with saint keeper Malcom Jenkins. Kemet, who threw the ball back to the official after the play, told reporters on Monday about the misunderstanding.

“They (refs) told me that I was throwing the ball on average 27,” Cam said. “Later in the game, even 27 said they ran with one.”

Kemet said he has been flagged for his conduct – never – until Sunday’s loss.

“My mother was upset because she knew that her son would never do anything like this,” Cam said.

While the 2020 season of the Bears ended in disappointing fashion, Kem did not have a rookie year. His playing time increased in the second half of the year and he finished his rookie season with 28 catches for 243 yards and two touchscreens.

Chem is a big piece of what the Bears will do in the offense of 2021 and beyond.

“I want to win a Super Bowl in Chicago,” Cam said.


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