Buying an indoor cycling bike was expensive

A woman taking a selfie: Buying an indoor cycling bike was expensive - but my knees are forever grateful

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Buying an indoor cycling bike was expensive – but my knees are forever grateful

Buying an indoor cycling bike was expensive - but my knees are forever grateful

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Buying an indoor cycling bike was expensive – but my knees are forever grateful

When I finally started listening to my body during workouts, I realized that it was screaming at me – in the form of regular aches and pains in my knees – to reassure my cardio routine.

After the gym and fitness center closed in March, I had no access to low-impact resources, which I used to do regularly, like a pool or indoor cycling class. And because my downstairs neighbors don’t appreciate high knees and jumping jacks at 6 in the morning (can you blame them?), Running became the only option for my intensity.

Going overboard with running – especially without switching things up or following a proper recovery routine – always seems to upset my knees, and surprisingly, that’s exactly what happened. Recalling my combined friendly cardio methods leads to something awful, I decided to budget for an indoor cycling bike – justifying the cost with the fact that I had no intention of returning to the gym.

After a few weeks there was basically no cardio, later it showed up at my door – and I hugged me a few hours later. It was a welcome relief to get the pedaling off the sidewalk, and I was thrilled later that night when I didn’t have to break my ice pack. I have taken my bike for about two weeks now, and I have never sweated that much Without it Pain.

I always knew that cycling was a low-impact workout, but I was not familiar with the mechanism of this activity, so I took Dr. Checked for specifics with Jasmin Marcus, PT, DPT, CSCS.

“Marking is a great low-impact workout because your whole body weight is not carried through your legs the way you are when you are walking or walking,” Dr. Says Marcus. “You’re sitting on the seat, but you can still get a great cardiovascular workout. This means that there is less pressure on the joints in your legs, which can be great if you have pain.”

While many people with knee pain will especially help with cycling, Drs. Marcus also mentions that cycling is not always great for people with knee pain – others may actually experience pain during activity. “Some people with knee pain, such as those with IT band syndrome, may find that repetitive motion in riding a bike makes the condition more troublesome,” Dr. Marcus explains. “Obviously if you are in enough pain that you have to change your activity, then you should seek treatment.”

While I am so thrilled that I have a new cardio outlet, I am cautious not to overdo it – dr. Marcus mentions that if you do any activity too soon, you can injure yourself.

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