Buying a PS5 could become even more difficult in 2021 as it is now used for crypto mining

In November, when Sony launched the PS5, the console immediately became the most sought-after consumer product in the world. Three months later, thousands of people are still looking to insure the console due to a shortage of stock, low production, and scalping. With the PS5 adapted for mining recently, the scalping problem will only increase.

According to the website, Gadget Tendency (via ResetEra), Chinese enthusiasts were able to successfully mine cryptocurrencies using the PS5. Although the console is not suitable for mining, they have found a workaround.

After this discovery, many crypto enthusiasts could start buying PS5s and putting them into cryptocurrency mining. This could mean a further shortage of consoles and ordinary people could face an even more difficult time trying to secure the PS5.

PS5s are no longer available at all retailers with drops that last less than 5-10 minutes. And drop times are mostly unknown unless you are following follow-up accounts on Twitter. If crypto miners start using PS5, the console may not be available until 2022.

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A photo was shared on the Chinese social media platform Weibo showing the successful mining of Ethereum (a type of cryptocurrency). Console mining throughput reached 98.76 MH / s (MH / s = million hashes per second). Power consumption was 211 W.

Here, take a look.

Compared to that, an RTX 3090 delivers up to 122 MH / s. Whereas an RTX 3080 runs at 86.16 MH / s.

Gadget Tendency says the console was hacked and probably overclocked as it exceeded its native throughput of 50 MH / s.

Not only the PS5, but the person was also able to mine Etherum with a MacBook Air with an M1 chip.

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