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What happened to Billy butcherThe It was a great question after the first three episodes The boys Season 2 premiered last week on Amazon Prime Video, which introduced a mysterious difference between times Karl UrbanThe butcher wakes up in front of a store and rejoins the vigilante group of his anti-superheroes, The Boys. but Butcher: A Short Film The gap finally fills in, showing what the butcher was doing while hiding.

Butcher A Short Film

In a 5-minute short film, Billy is forced to flee the law after he was nominated by the press for the murder of Vice-President Madley Stillwell (Elizabeth Shu). After a close call with the police, Billy arrives at the home of an old army liaison, asking for help tracking down his wife, Besca (Shantal Vensenten), who he knows is alive. But although her old wartime friend first welcomed her warmly, the short film soon plunges into bloody chaos (as a matter of course). The boys Used to do).

The short film was teased by listener Eric Kripke, who originally shot the sequel for the second episode of season 2, “but it ultimately didn’t end that fitting well because it made the butcher’s story a lot less mysterious And made it tricky. And it slowed down the rhythm, ”Kripke told Entertainment Weekly.

Kripke had originally planned “an entire story in the episode” for Butcher, Schorpner told Collider before the short release. “It’s not really spoiling anything that the butcher is MIA as it starts with season two and then shows, and in episode two we basically shot something that really revealed where he went and What his experiences were. But ultimately it didn’t fit well into the episode, as it made Butcher’s story a lot less suspenseful and tangled and it kind of slowed down the rhythm a bit, in that particular episode It was better not to go. ”

The boys The first season was a huge hit for the streamer, and the third season has already been confirmed by Kalpana and Amazon. Kripke and his writers are already working on the script for season 3 and plans to begin shooting in early 2021 should the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic be allowed.
New episodes of amazon released The boys Season 2 every Friday.

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